Hard to win in Montana if you mock God, guns, and the family

Imagine you’re running for office and you decide to attack Christians, pro-family activists, and gun owners.

Now imagine you’re running for Senate in Montana.

Yup, that’s Amanda Curtis, who the Democrats nominated for the Senate race (in wake of Sen. John Walsh’s plagiarism scandal). I will allow for the fact that she is likely merely mocking those who believe in God, rather than God Himself.

Still. As Pepper Brooks would say, that’s a bold strategy.

Over the last decade, liberal Democrats have insisted that there is not war on Christianity or on religion. They insist that they do not hate God or have animosity against Christians.

But this video suggested that if was no accident that delegates at the Democratic National Convention booed a vote to restore mention of God into their platform. (They did not really boo God, but they strongly opposed the measure, and also the way Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa handled the vote.)

It’s worth noting that Barack Obama wanted that language returned to the platform in an attempt to convince Americans that the Democrats did not have hostility toward religion.

But this video shows that Democrats still have a long ways to go.

I’d also like to mention that these YouTube videos by Amanda Curtis really seem to show the unvarnished liberal mind at its most snarky, condescending tone. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her position on expanding Medicaid is like Frankenstein and has an ‘abnormal brain.’ The belief that the most basic unit of society is the family left her in utter disbelief — yet that’s been a mainstay position for conservatives for generations. During a debate in the Legislature, she admits that she wanted to punch a lawmaker in the face.

Do we really need more of this kind political discourse?

It makes you wonder if Amanda Curtis is really running for the Senate seat in Montana. Maybe she’s trying to become the next Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.


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  • Mark P.

    This video is rather hand-picked and misleading. But this is politics, right?

    Anyway. Love her. Love everything she says. She is a breath of fresh air.

    I am a Montanan, I hunt and have guns, I have a family, and I am voting for this woman.

    • Mark P.

      Hmmm.. didn’t think my message went through at first. I guess I’m breathing a lot of fresh air…

  • Mark P.

    I love Amanda Curtis. She is a breath of fresh air.

    Sure, she said she would like to punch someone in the face (she didn’t. She’s not a psychotic.). Have you never felt that way, especially when you have to sit and listen to self-righteous idiots?

    Sure, she’s for some gun control: Her kid brother shot himself in the head.

    As for a so-called “war” on Christianity? It is simply the numbers of people who aren’t believing the old mythology.

    As an ex-Catholic, I would support a war on religion. It is time for bronze age fairy stories to stop dominating the public discourse of a modern civilization.

    • M.

      It is also time for people to be permitted to believe in what they would like to believe. I guess we can allow for the utter plundering of religious freedom, if you mean you would like to slap our founding fathers in the face and take a step towards Communism.

  • Erick C

    This video is honest, all it is doing is showing her attitude towards her opponents., being snarky and condescending. Her attitude of respect is only towards her supporters, and rude towards her opponents.

    • Erick C

      I don’t like Amanda Curtis.

  • CCR

    Amanda Curtis is the most transparent state rep. ever. She posted video summaries of all 87 days of the 2013 legislative session.

    The video above is not an honest reckoning of her, but a GOP quote mining effort of all 87 videos to pick out the 5 or 6 most “gotcha” quotes.

    Go watch a few of her videos in full and see the real Amanda.

    • Paul

      Funny. We’re supposed to overlook what she says and does when it’s not scripted for her by someone else and pay attention to the scripted, acted speeches instead?
      When it’s not scripted – it’s from their own minds, their own hearts and ideals.
      If you want the transparent Amanda Curtis – the you need to look through the polished public panders and pay attention to the real woman behind the office.

      This is the real Amanda Curtis



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