Harold Ford: Pro-Abortion Personally and Legislatively

harold fordIn the past few weeks Harold Ford (D-NY?/TN?) has made his name synonymous with the worst of political opportunism. Ford represented Tennessee from 1997-2007. He retired from the House to unsuccessfully run for the Senate seat abandoned by Senator Bill Frist in 2006. In the course, of the 2006 Senate race tried to claim he was pro-life. For a more reliable take on that claim be sure to read Douglas Johnson of NRLC’s take.

So what’s Harold Ford up to these days? Well he is planning on challenging Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) for the Democratic nomination in 2010. In courting voters in blue-state New York, Mr. Ford is systematically trying to explain away his votes in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act, the partial-birth abortion ban, and parental notification.

Inside Catholic has a list of some of Mr. Ford’s new political positions.

Perhaps the most outrageous of Mr. Ford’s claims is statement in this NY Times interview that he would love to know if he is future daughter was going to have an abortion as a minor.

I hope the Lord blesses my wife and I with a daughter some day. And if my daughter — if a situation befalls her where she has to make that choice, I would love to know.

While I am glad that Mr. Ford voted in favor of parental consent laws, I am very disturbed by the way he answers this question. A daughter having an abortion is not something someone should love to know about it. It is a very sad occasion for all involved. Mr. Ford’s flippant responses show a man motivated more by political ambition than by principle. Lets hope the people of New York see through his intellectual gymnastics.





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