Reid: “It’s all down to women’s health”

As a late-night follow up to this morning’s post, a spokesperson for Harry Reid confirmed late tonight what the final issue is that’s holding up a deal to prevent a government shut down tomorrow: “It’s all down to women’s health.”

Translation: it’s all about preserving taxpayer-funded abortions in DC.

(For the record, I agree with Mr. Reid that it’s all about women’s health. I just take that to mean a very different thing than he evidently does).

It’s amazing to see liberals try to claim that it is Republicans who are forcing this issue, when the ball is actually in the Democrats’ court. The Republicans passed a bill in the House. It’s up to the Senate and President to act. Instead, they host meetings demanding the Republicans go back and redo their work. Sorry, but they’ve already done their part.

If you have the stomach, watch Lawrence O’Donnell (Keith Olbermann’s replacement after he was fired) desperately, desperately try to embed the lie that what at stake now is Planned Parenthood funding or funding our military. A false choice:

Actually, Planned Parenthood defunding is not on the table right now. The current bill which would prevent a government shutdown only funds the military and other government branches but contains (among other things) a rider fixing the provision Democrats passed last Congress forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions in DC. (Joshua points out how basically every Democrat ever in office recently has voted for bills which included this rider in the past).

The Left gets the most angry when they know we are being courageous and sticking to our guns. I think this kurfuffle should silence some who insinuate that Republicans “aren’t really pro-life.” On this issue, they’re sticking their neck out for us, the pro-life people who elected them. I’ve met these congressmen and women, they push for pro-life provisions because they sincerely believe in the cause of the unborn. This isn’t politics for them, it’s principle. The difference is, the pro-abortion side punishes their principle. We need to do everything we can to support their pro-life principles.

Thank you for everyone who has taken action today by contacting their Senators and demanding that they support this temporary bill to fund the government and prevent a shutdown. If you have time, please also call your representatives and thank them for voting pro-life (if they did).

It’s in the crush times like these they most need to hear from us.



  • whart

    Abortion is the sacred cow of the Democratic party. Planned Parenthood, NARAL, etc., are the ones who got this President elected. He knows what will happen if tax payer money no longer goes to fund the killing of un-born babies. By the way, if you visit Life Site News you can find the 2-3 page list of every single action to promote and pay for abortions that this administration has initiated, starting from day 1 of his election. Not only here in our country are we forced against our will to pay for the murder of un-born children, but our own government is paying for abortions around the world. Africa, Mexico, China soon the Phillipines, on and on. The culture of death is spreading like a cancer. We cannot be complicit in this any longer, souls are at stake.



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