Harry Reid Says He’ll Shut Down the Government Over DC Abortions

UPDATE: Please TAKE ACTION and tell your Senator: No Tax $ for DC abortions!

I wrote earlier this week that “taxpayer funding of abortion is a sacred cow for the liberal left” and referred in that post to President Obama. It ruffled some feathers.

Today, with a government shutdown looming, Harry Reid -the leader of the Senate- once again confirms his fundamental commitment to this liberal ideology, even if it runs up against the best interests of the American people (and the unborn!). This from the Washington Post:

Congressional negotiators working through the night on a budget deal largely agreed to an amount of spending cuts, but their talks were stymied by two Republican policy provisions on abortion and the environment, increasing the likelihood of a government shutdown beginning this weekend, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday morning.

“The numbers are basically there, but I am not nearly as optimistic — and that’s an understatement — as I was 11 hours ago,” Reid said. “The numbers are extremely close, and our differences are no longer over how much savings we get on government spending. The only thing holding up an agreement is ideology.

… The issue is ideology, not numbers.”

[Reid] said the talks are at an impasse over restrictions on abortion funding and changes to environmental regulations, which House Republicans want to be part of any budget deal.

Actually, it is about numbers, too. But Reid is right: it’s about ideology. And his ideology says that abortions in DC absolutely ought to be paid for by Americans like you and me. Why? Because the pro-abortion organizations have most Democrats in their pocket, and Democrats are scared to allow any sort of pro-life advances to be made, up to and including defunding the corrupt organization Planned Parenthood.

Remember – abortion funding streams in Obamacare was the final hurdle the Democrats had to overcome to pass their bad bill. Now Democrats are making the retention of abortion funding the final hurdle for Republicans to overcome in actually getting a bill to President Obama’s desk and thereby avoiding a government shutdown for a couple weeks.

What Harry Reid is blowing up over, however, is such a modest advance:

The legislative text reinstating the D.C. Hyde amendment (Dornan amendment) can be found in Section 359 on page 182 of H.R. 1363.  This language would restore the Dornan amendment to ensure that no congressionally appropriated funds (whether locally or federally generated) may pay for abortion in the District of Columbia.  The policy was in place from FY96-FY09.  FY10 is the only year since FY96 that the D.C. Hyde Amendment was not attached to the Financial Services Appropriations Act.

In other words, with the lone exception of last year (when Democrats controlled Congress), every year since 1996 Congress has seen to it that no federal (taxpayer) funds go to paying for abortions in DC. Harry Reid’s “ideology” is a totally new idea, Congressionally speaking, because actually Democrats have a long history of supporting the Dornan Amendment.

But that’s a different story. In the meantime, let’s tell Reid to stop using his flawed ideology to trump life.

UPDATE: Joshua Mercer writes “Harry Reid voted for DC abortion ban TEN times.”

Guess how many times Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton -and yes- Barack Obama have voted for the DC abortion funding ban. (Find out.)



  • KeyserSoze

    party affiliation and the abortion platform swapped during the Carter / Ford campaigns when republicans were more libertarian and dems were social issue concerned. the dervil is in he narrative. my concern is that the tea party has mermbrers more anti-Obama than prolife and social justice. some are serlf-described libertsariamns and even nationalists. 1973 Southern Baptist convention decided to support Roe vs Wade as “american” as opposed to papist loyalty. they renounced and repented that decision by 1973 leadership in 1993 convention. http://old.nationalreview.com/interrogatory/hayward200407260700.asp
    NRO: What was the Carter straddle on abortion?

    HAYWARD: The 1976 campaign was the first national election after the Roe decision, and the politics of the issue were still sorting themselves out. Remember that Gerald Ford was pro-abortion, while many Democrats, including Sargent Shriver, one of Carter’s rivals, were pro-life. In the Iowa caucuses, which Carter put on the map for the first time, Carter told Catholic audiences (and a gathering of bishops) that he opposed abortion and supported legislation to restrict it, thus cutting into Shriver’s support. But he told feminist groups at the same time that he supported abortion rights (indeed, he had done so as governor of Georgia). He flat out pandered. Today he does the “I’m personally opposed but” dodge.

  • davide

    Let us never forget the Democrat party is the party of slavery. For years after the Civil War the democrat party continued discrimination against those who were not “white”….most democrat Presidents were racist…such as FDR and LBJ. The democrat party new platform and foundation is abortion replacing slavery….to me I find it total hypocritical that the ‘democrat party’ is the party of ‘every day folk and the common man’ tell that to black slaves and the unborn child…the civil war was technically not about South vs North but democrat vs republican…the Republicans happen to control the North and the democrats controlled the south.. the civil war was about political ideology….

    • Francis

      Nixon was also a racist.

      • Bruce

        As was Margaret Sanger. Zing!

  • grvlgirdy@comcast.net

    Isn’t this just like the democrats. Sucking up to the Planned Parenthood groups/.

    • Gordon

      Democratic politicians, sucking up to PP? I thought Democrats were all “radical pro-aborts” who use PP as a tool to accomplish their nefarious desires, instead of vice versa. Democrats, in the pocket of PP (as described in the blog post)? That implies certain members of the federal government get large sums money from PP, but the budget argument is about PP getting large sums of money from the federal government. Folks, if you’re going to be blindly outraged, could you at least stick to one narrative? The cognitive dissonance is starting to get a bit thick.

      • Bruce

        You said: “I thought Democrats were all “radical pro-aborts” For the most part, you are correct. You said something about: “blah blah blah blindly outraged” Yes, I could very well describe your side’s outrage against anything that prevents the tickling of your crotches and the killing of babies. I believe that is part of the Democratic Party platform, but alas, I don’t want to waste time by looking at something that changes every fifteen minutes.

  • Katherine

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has already told the House to “take the spending cuts” and forget the policy riders. Boehner however will push for the restriction on DC tax money since he has already caved on the Planned Parenthood amendment.



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