Heads We Win; Tails You Lose. Obama is Hoist On His Own Petard.

King Obam

"Sire, the peasants are REVOLTING!" "You said it, they stink!"

Really hard to see the Administration’s political end-game or the calculation behind the HHS mandate.

My first thought is, “Wow, that was dumb.”

They clearly did not believe crazy uncle Joe and the other prominent, experienced-in-Church-politics male Catholic in the room when they said this would be a bridge too far: Catholics would not stand for it. Not even the majority of the less-committed ones. (The Catholycs? well, there’s no accounting for them.)

Obama reportedly called Archbishop Dolan the morning the mandate and one-year “grace period,” so to speak, were declared to tell him about the decision. Obama apparently offered the one-year leeway “to come into compliance” as though it were a generous extension. The cardinal-elect reportedly responded with something like, “Mr. President, it isn’t about compliance. If this is it then we will be in civil disobedience.”

That’s the entirety of the conversation as it was reported to me, but oh to be a fly on the wall of Obama’s internal dialogue at that moment.

Since that time all but a handful of U.S. bishops and administrators in dioceses without an ordinary have issued letters condemning the decision. There hasn’t been unity like this among the U.S. bishops since they were all happy Benedict XVI came over a few years ago.

Many high-profile Catholics who have vociferously supported and defended Obama and Obamacare are turning on him. There likely are enough votes in the Congress to overturn this ruling in some way—which would have to include a large enough number of Democrats in the Senate.

Even non-Catholic Democrats and liberals who are able to recognize a violation of conscience rights when they see one are turning on him.

Yes, there will always be the Nancy Pelosis and Kathleen Sebeliuses—see the comment about Catholycs above.

Rick Santorum has surged, no doubt in part because of this mandate.

A healthy portion of independents would like to see Obamacare repealed, this didn’t hurt that portion.

To sum up, things are going very badly for the president. Very badly.

What’s he to do? Overturn his own decision? He’d suffer the full Komen treatment, rubber hoses and all. He’d lose the last bastion of support he’s got—women who seem to hate that they’ve got a womb.

If he presses on he loses the Catholic vote, more evangelicals, and a larger portion of the independent vote (recognizing that there is overlap in those groups), which means he loses Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, likely Michigan, Missouri… need I go on? That’s the election. It’s a landslide.

So what’s he to do?

He seems to want to split the atom with the power of his mind. There is an election-year-driven hint of a desire to “compromise” (note it’s a campaign mouthpiece saying this, not the Press Secretary at the White House). But then within 24 hours we have a doubling-down on the commitment to the mandate. CBS New York reports:

[The White House] wants to find some way to calm Catholic opposition, but will not back down on the policy, itself.

“I want to be clear today that the commitment to insuring the women have access to these important health care services remains very strong,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

See: trying to split an atom with the power of his mind. They want to calm the opposition that has erupted due to this policy (which amounts to them shouting “ouch, stop that!”), but they are steadfast in their support of the very policy that is repugnant to those erupting in opposition. Not a position that comforts one about your willingness to “compromise.”

It’s like saying, “I want to have a happy marriage, but I absolutely refuse to stop beating my wife.”

The only thing they can do is try to string along the possibility that they will grant another extension, perhaps a few waivers, and maybe they’ll think about a full repeal of the rule some time after the election, in the hopes that this will appease *enough* Catholics to vote for him. It’s a Faustian bargain, and I think it’s safe to say no one is buying that snake oil any longer (if I may mix metaphors). This is the least-reliable, most anti-life White House in the history of this nation, and this action has laid bare, for those who were not already convinced, of their willingness to trample the peoples’ rights. Any pandering or stringing along carrots of possible repeal is transparently duplicitous.

So Obama, because of his own conceit and terrible political instincts, has placed himself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Either way he cannot win. He is hoist on his own petard. If he backs down he gets the full Komen and marginal electoral gain since his remaining support will be further disheartened and so many who heretofore support him will no longer trust his commitment to Constitutional rights. So he most likely loses the election by sticking to his guns.

If he doesn’t back down he loses the election badly, and likely loses a bunch more seats for his party in what was already shaping up to be a good year for the GOP in the House and Senate.

Either way, the mandate will be overturned before a single hospital or school closes its doors, and Obama will be working on his handicap, which is what he appears to be more comfortable doing anyhow.

Heads we win, tails you lose.



  • Janet P

    Tom, “conceit” is spot on (fitting picture)…”terrible political instincts”, I don think so…I think that anyone who thinks Obama just “misstepped” with this ruling is naive…his background in community organizing, the Chicago way, and all of his Marxist-loving relatives,friends, and White House czars should only make it crystal clear that he is poking and provoking ON PURPOSE. These agitators are itching for unrest and civil disobedience (the ends justify the means…) We must not fall for this agitation; take measured legal action, and educate people about what’s really going on here. As I commented in a previous post, now that the bishops have the attention of a reasonable amount of Catholics, they need to emphasize the bigger picture: that our religious AND constitutional liberties are systematically and intentionally being dismantled. They could put out a voter guide with teeth this time, and talk about the candidate with authentic values, Rick Santorum.

    • http://twitter.com/tomcrowe Tom Crowe

      Janet P— Mostly agree with you. I think he pulled an Osama bin Laden: thought he was targeting an organization that was foundering and would never rise to fight again, and then took too big a bite at too central a place. That was the naivete, especially considering Biden and Daley were both telling him “no.”

  • Jason
  • jerryballardusnret

    Like no other time in history, America actually has a threat to it’s very foundation that the Founding Fathers talked about in their writings. That threat comes from the current President of the United States Barrack H Obama who is a threat to both the Catholic Church and the Christian Community.
    But it also extends to those who are Jewish as well. Our very faith is at stake and Obama has violated the Constitution and attacked the Catholic Church. Many may disagree but America will record that we truly have a Domestic Enemy in the White House who not only hates the United States but the Constitution, and the ideas of the Founding Fathers.
    How can I say this? Come on, anyone who has done any research on Obama’s past (1). knows that his Father was a Communist and that Obama throughout his years growing was influenced under Marxism.

    We only have to look at what is happening today in this Country and what has been done in terms of appointments of Czars to the White House without Senate Confirmation to see that 1. He violated the Constitution and 2. that those appointed have their membership with the American Communist Party or at best believers in Marxism

    Make no mistake America, our very past is eroding away and being replaced with the New Socialist agenda and have began years ago in the public school system to condition our children for the next generation that will forever destroy the very America that our grandparents knew.

    So, what can we do about that? We must support those running for office that can change america back and remove Obama from Office and you must understand that if Catholics, Christians and Jews unite together for America to defeat Obama in November 2012, that He will be removed.

    I for one am supporting Rick Santorum for President not because he is Catholic but because he holds the same faith values as I do that America was founded on.

    You must understand Everyone, the very fabric of this country is about to be destroyed and you have Mitt Romney who claims that he wants to do away with Obama Healthcare but had his own Healthcare plan that was Anti-Catholic in nature for one but Romney has received approval by George Soros.

    My Goodness George Soros supports Romney? WHAT DOES THAT SAY TO YOU?
    I am retired Navy, I served 20 years and am a disabled American Veteran. I love America and you have to understand that if Obama wins again, He will be like a wounded dog backed in a corner and he will mind you, do everything he can to finish this Country off because he has a grudge against England and America because it was the British that put Obama’s father in prison

    Look at the Economy? Happy with it? What about Jobs? Oh Obama is quick to talk about Jobs but you have to understand what he means when he says ” Jobs” It is UNION JOBS that Obama speaks of because the Unions support Obama with money and votes.

    Middle Income Families will be left in the dust and businesses will be damaged by Obama’s policies that will translate to closing more businesses and forcing more and more people in unemployment.

    Unify together not only to do away with Abortion, and protect the Catholic and Christian faith but to protect America and the values that were important to the Founding Fathers that made America Great.

    America can be Great again, don’t allow Obama to slap Veterans in the face who died for freedom only to allow America to become a Socialist State.

    SUPPORT RICK SANTORUM FOR PRESIDENT AND KICK BARRACK OBAMA OUT Please! For your future Grandchildren and mine as well.

    – Jerry BallardUSNRet Tulare, CA jerryballardusnret@hotmail.com



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