Hear Pope Francis Speaking English

Via Rocco de Palma:

For all the waves the 266th Bishop of Rome has made across the Anglophone world these last seven months, perhaps the most remarkable thing is that all of it’s happened without Papa Bergoglio speaking a single word in English.

Late last week, that changed when Pope Francis delivered a video message for the Conference on the New Evangelization in Manila.

Take a look/listen.


5 thoughts on “Hear Pope Francis Speaking English

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  2. Mary Jane Madeline says:

    God bless you Pope Francis. I am praying for you.

  3. Vivian Chu says:

    I love his humility and willingness to speak his non-native language!

  4. Mary Anne says:

    wow, I really enjoyed this! Pope Francis spoke very well in English. For one who can’t hear well, that was, wow! thank you for sharing this–

  5. A Maria says:

    Bodes well for an anglosphere visit.
    And by the way, today is Bl John Paul II’s Feastday!!

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