Hm. The pope and the ITC must read American Catholic blogs…

…because no sooner had a bunch of us taken the National Catholyc* Reporter to task for their ridiculous editorial in support of Womyn priests* and Mr. Roy Bourgeouis, but the pope, while addressing the International Theoligical Commission said the following:

Today, however, it is particularly important to clarify the criteria used to distinguish the authentic sensus fidelium from its counterfeits. In fact, it is not some kind of public opinion of the Church, and it is unthinkable to mention it in order to challenge the teachings of the Magisterium, this because the sensus fidei can not grow authentically in the believer except to the extent in which he or she fully participates in the life of the Church, and this requires a responsible adherence to her Magisterium.

Women Priests Play Act the Mass

They're using illicit clay and glass vessels. Of course they aren't actually priests, so no harm no foul.

So two points: 1) Sensus fidelium cannot be seen as a corrective force against the clear, unequivocal, ancient teaching of the Magisterium; 2) The sensus fidelium arises from those baptized who are also faithful to the Magisterium.**

Now I recognize the convenient position in which the Reporter and their adherents find themselves vis-a-vis this statement by the pope: They don’t believe him as a matter of course when he says something that offends their sensus dissentium,*** so why start here?! After all, he was not declaiming ex cathedra so this is just his private opinion; Cardinal Newman said this thing about conscience and drinking that totally trumps anything the pope says; etc. But at what point might these people realize that the problem might lie not with the Church, but with their conception on how the Church ought to be?

Not holding my breath, but it would be kinda cool if the major publications that called themselves “Catholic” were, perhaps, Catholic.


*Come now, the movement is not about being authentically Catholic in the way the Church understands herself or being authentically Woman as the Church sees women’s roles in the Church (e.g., exalted as the Immaculate Conception) so why confuse outsiders by using those words in such disparate ways?

**Both points back up nicely what I had been saying in both posts on the topic and in the short comm box discussion of the second one.

***Yes, I kinda coined that on the fly.



  • Bob Greenpoint

    Now THIS is a battle for our times: block women from positions of authority! Modern!

    • Mark Hartman

      No one is “blocking” anyone from anything. Then again, the Church is also not asserting authority that it doesn’t have (e.g., ordaining women).

  • Julie T.

    In 2009, the Vatican cracked down on the unauthorized use and abuse of Pope Benedict’s name and image. Legal experts suggest the Holy Father should consider registered trademarks to give the crackdown real force. It is just my opinion, but in the face of today’s unprecedented dissent, heresy, and apostasy, I think the time is overdue for the Holy Father to direct the lawyers to obtain registered trademarks for “Catholic Church” and each one of the rites for Christ’s one true Church. Abuse and misrepresentation go way beyond the National Catholic Reporter and publications like it. Try a search engine query for something as innocuous as “Catholic wedding” and see some of the hits that will appear: “catholic” churches with “real priests” eager to officiate at ceremonies for the divorced (No annulment? No problem!). I honestly don’t see another way to prevent those who stubbornly, willfully spread heresy and confusion from jeopardizing the salvation of unsuspecting and poorly catechized Catholics today.

    • abadilla

      Hi Julie T,
      I find it interesting that a popular Catholic site on the INTERNET is chastised by their bishop who offers no support for them in spite of their defense of Catholic teaching and a rag like the NCR continues to use the name “Catholic” while undermining church teaching every day and calling it an intellectual persuit of truth.


    dissentium or dissentiorum?



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