Hobby Lobby and Religious Liberty: One Analyst Predicts Victory

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in the Hobby Lobby case, in which that corporation, which is owned by Christians, is challenging some of the HHS insurance mandates.  Hobby Lobby claims the mandates force it to provide contraceptive coverage that includes drugs that induce abortion, and that this is contrary to their religious convictions.

One astute observer, the estimable Matthew Frank, reviews one of the exchanges among the justices here.  He ventures the prediction that Hobby Lobby–and a good version of religious liberty–will prevail.  Let’s pray that he is correct.



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  • Joe Reich

    This is what happens when government mucks around with religion.

  • Will

    I did not realize until I read about it this week that Hobby Lobby is okay with some forms of contraception.

  • morganB

    After all is said and done, one family’s fortune will be assured. The Green family. The evangelists have a proud marketing success with Hobby Lobby. They and society should make every effort to protect their freedom to believe what they wish. However, I believe a for profit business must be run with no religious restrictions and no exclusion of employees who differ. As usual, the extreme right has blamed Obama’s Affordable Health Care program. Now the central issue.

    I struggle with the statement “Losing ones Religious Liberty”. We live in a pluralized society where we enjoy many freedoms. I believe that a person expresses religious freedom, a for profit business should not. The religious influence of the HL owners should not affect how the business is run.

    The extreme right wing of the Republican Party and the Catholic Church have unfortunately made this a politically polarizing debacle. No matter how the Supreme Court decides we will awake tomorrow to the same pluralistic society.

  • Sean Argir

    From what arguments I have read about this situation, I would have to say that I hope Hobby Lobby does not win.

  • RFP Berkley Center

    Thanks for this great piece. We’re also following the Hobby Lobby case on our blog at http://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/rfp/blog



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