Homeless man with golden voice: “This time I have God”

It’s Saturday – time for some good news!

Only three days earlier, the man with the golden voice had been panhandling along an Ohio highway, bearing a ragged cardboard sign that touted his “God-given” gift.”

Despite the crack, the alcohol and the many years on the streets, Williams retains his golden voice, and gave thanks for it. “I always said, ‘God, you’ve never seen fit to take my voice in spite of all the flames and everything that went down my throat.’ The voice still maintains some type of resonance.

The role of faith in Ted Williams new future is even deeper, as Get Religion points out:

During conversations in years past, Ted Williams would hang up the phone whenever his mother would broach his plight, encouraging him to embrace religion.

“I was trying to tell you to find God in your life,” she said softly. “How do you think I felt?”

“I’m through with it all,” he assured. “Mother, I love you so much.” [Columbus Dispatch]

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  • Liz

    Yeah I live in Central Ohio and I was surprised when I learned he was from here. He was found in a rather rough part of town, actually not too far from a church-run soup kitchen if I’m not mistaken.



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