Hoopes Avoids the Reductio ad Teenagerum

I gotta hand it to my friend Hoopes. After a post over at NRO where he basically blamed Twitter and other social media for Anthony Weiner’s perversion, he came a long way to a rather good post on the potential pitfalls of social media as well as guidelines for responsible usage. None of which surprised me or put me off my consistent message.

The most ironic part about it was how he first lampooned the imagined use of Twitter by historic personages like George Washington, a move which I termed the “reduction ad teenagerum” because it assumes that all people who use Twitter will necessarily become like teenagers, i.e., insubstantial and profane, and then used Twitter to alert me of his most recent post:

Tom Hoopes' Tweet to meNoting the conspicuous absence of any “LMAO,” “ROTFLMAO,” “LOL,” “ICYMI,” “FYI,” and not an emoticon to be seen, I am happy to see that Hoopes has also resisted the teenagerum strain.

As can all who observe decorum and prudential judgment in their use of these new and powerful tools of communications.



  • Davide

    I don’t have Twitter or Facebook. Two of my brothers and one sister had Twitter until papa got twitter and crashed their party. Papa thinks he “cool” we think he’s a dork. He’s a great and loving father but who wants to tweet with their parents? Now he tweets with uncle Joe and my grandparents. They all dorks! Oh I did hack into my 17 year old brother’s Facebook account and played “farmville” does that count?

  • Tom Hoopes

    The Pope tweeted. Who am I to kick against the goad?

    • http://twitter.com/tomcrowe Tom Crowe

      So would that make it, “Roma tweeta est, causa finita est“?



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