Hope-n-Change v. “One-Term Proposition,” Part I: The Gas Commercial

This is the first in a series of posts evaluating President Barack Obama against his own statements. His recent whoppers on Benghazi and his “one-term proposition” comment made a more full review of his penchant for saying just any old thing almost a fun exercise (if it weren’t so depressing that a man in his position could combine such self-regard with such a dearth of self-knowledge). Not sure how many of these I’ll do, but there’s certainly no lack of material.

This was a pretty good ad back in 2008.


This is the gas lines of the seventies. Democrats and Republicans have talked about energy independence, but nothing’s changed. Now Exxon’s making $40 billion a year, and we’re paying $3.50 for gas. I’m Barack Obama. I don’t take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists, and I won’t let them block change anymore. They’ll pay a penalty on windfall profits. We’ll invest in alternative energy, create jobs, and free ourselves from foreign oil. I approve this message because it’s time Washington worked for you, not for them.

So how did he fare? Well, a gallon of gas now averages around $3.80. That’s not an improvement.

Note also that here in 2012, though the price of gas is higher, we’re no longer hearing about greedy oil companies and “windfall profits” any longer. It may be because as of May of this year Barack Obama had received $772,000 in donations from oil industry executives. Don’t want to bite a hand that’s feeding you.

How ’bout the “investing in alternative energy” goal? Well he certainly did that, but if Solyndra, et al., are his idea of good investments he ought to let someone else handle his investments once he’s a private citizen once again. More than $34 billion lost is not a good record, especially when it’s not even your money that you’ve lost but it’s money taxed away from hard working Americans.

And lastly, “free ourselves from foreign oil”? Considering we’re not going to stop needing oil any time soon we’ll have to get the oil from someplace. So the late-term abortion administered to the Keystone XL pipeline, the unnecessary moratoria on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the hostility from the EPA toward new drilling and refinery development certainly puts the lie to the notion that he’s committed to ending our dependence on foreign oil.

Overall, this is not the hope and change you were looking for.

Next part: “No lobbyists in my administration”



  • jdnich327

    Thank you for your advice @twitter-16519890:disqus. I do not think that @twitter-435958367:disqus is a Troll. He or she sounds like a hurt human. For whatever part your perception of the Catholic church and her people have played in that hurt, I am sorry. You misunderstand the churches stance completely. We are not hate driven people. Marriage is not a right, no matter how many ways we try to twist it, it just simply isn’t. Either is abortion or contraception. We waste so many resources in our country arguing over these made up issues. Rights are found in the constitution, not in churches, clinics and media sources. As long as you pledge allegiance to the United States Flag, whether you be a conservative or a liberal, you had better be for democracy. Can you agree with that at least? Anytime that gay marriage has been put to a popular vote, aka: we the people, it doesn’t pass. Maybe this isn’t really a fight to be had? Recently I read the actual Roe vs. Wade case. Have you ever read it? It doesn’t actually exist. It was twisted from reality and doesn’t exist as we have been told. Do we actually need legislation to protect the lives of unborn babies in America? Life is an actual right, our first and foremost right. Yet, it is so easily glossed over by those proclaiming to stand up for “rights.” Now to this article: @78847c3e5c51d9332dc21b9b7b19d792:disqus: are you able to provide me with the source to which you found these figures? I am not challenging you. I have a sincere curiosity to know facts and truth. At the end of this election, we are going to be voting for the single most powerful position a man/woman can hold in our country. A position that requires someone who will not only have a responsibility to our country, but to the entire free world. If we look beyond our own little “pet” projects, wouldn’t it be better if that person was the best person for the free world as a whole? May peace be always with you all.

    • http://twitter.com/AmericaPapist AmericaPapist

      The Catholic Church has given millions of dollars to anti-gay hate campaigns instead of helping the poor and needy. That is hate.

      • jdnich327

        I do not know what the church has given to fund anti same sex marriage campaigns, but this is not the same as gay hate. No more than the LGTB community giving millions of dollars to promote this cause is hate. It is not true that this money was used instead of helping the poor and the needy, the Catholic church is the biggest contributor to our poor and needy. So the correct words are “in addition to” not “instead of.” What you call hate is simply someone not agreeing with you. You do not agree with me, I am Catholic. Do you hate me? Do you hate everything for which I stand, or do you simply wish that I saw same sex marriage as the most important issue pressing our country right now as you do? As always, these little issues that get thrown out take over and we are no longer talking about Tom’s article or that which he states as a concern. How do you feel about this article? We already know how you feel about Catholics and gays. I won’t respond again, I have a feeling that you are someone who needs to get the last word. It is yours to have. I wish you well.

        • http://twitter.com/ifollowHATE ifollowHATE

          Perhaps you should pay attention.

    • Embarrassed Catholic

      It’s sad that my religion has to hurt others.

      • jdnich327

        I am sorry you feel that way. I think it is sad that you do not have a good understanding of your religion.

        • http://twitter.com/be4marriage be [4] marriage

          It’s sad that you don’t realize that when you use your religion as an excuse to discriminate against others, that it harms them.

          • jdnich327

            Please do tell me whom I am discriminating against in any of my posts? Have I stated that I hate gay people, or have I expressed an opinion? My opinion is that blue is a prettier color than red. Does that mean that I hate red, no it doesn’t. I don’t hate gays. You hate Catholics. Hate is hate.

  • Michael

    The US is producing more total energy (oil, natural gas, alternative) than ever before. Your claims that Obama is hindering domestic production seems wildly incorrect.

    • http://twitter.com/AmericaPapist AmericaPapist

      Lies are OK as long as they are used to hurt Obama or gay people.

    • http://twitter.com/TomCrowe Tom Crowe

      That is due to private and state-level development, such as fracking in Ohio, PA, and West Virginia, which the Obama EPA hasn’t yet figured out how to shut down—not for lack of trying. Oil production on federal lands—the ones Obama controls—has actually dropped. But thanks for playing.

  • Rob

    Domestic oil production is up from the last four years of the Bush administration. I guess that fact doesn’t matter.

    • http://twitter.com/AmericaPapist AmericaPapist

      Nope. The only thing that matters is taking civil rights away from gay people and causing them misery and suffering.

      • Julie T.

        Honestly, I think you and the rest of your group (or your other personas posted at Catholic Vote) are in dire need of an exorcist. We will pray for you.

    • http://twitter.com/TomCrowe Tom Crowe

      It’s up due to state-level and private development—production on federally controlled lands was actually *down* in 2011 from 2010. Cheers.

  • Mary

    Great, now take his speeches on everyone working together, and remind everyone how he would not budge on budget negotiations which cost the US their credit rating, threatening military salaries and SSI checks, and how he has now said thatWashington is broken, and he will not be working with Republicans when he is reelected.

    • http://twitter.com/be4marriage be [4] marriage

      You mean like how the Republicans offered alternatives to the healthcare law and worked with the President on compromises to make the law better. Oh wait, that didn’t happen, even after Obama reached out to them over and over and over…

  • jdnich327

    @twitter-435958367:disqus Do you have a problem with the actual written article here, the content or just Catholics in general? This is a valid question and one that you might need to think about. If you are so convinced that Obama is the right man, why not give us an intellectual, thoughtful series of words to think about also? It seems to me that whenever president Obama’s ability to lead our country is questioned, all that his followers have to offer as a rebuttal is the same old rhetoric of how allowing homosexual marriage, abortions, faulty foreign policies and out of control spending is all permissible as long as the end justifies the mean. Clearly I don’t agree. However, I am open to honest, mutually respectful communication. If you know something we don’t, do tell. However, involving yourself in a group of like minded Catholic folks and then bashing them is no different than that which you clearly claim to dislike.

    • http://twitter.com/TomCrowe Tom Crowe

      Oh, jdnich327— Don’t bother responding to that guy. He’s just a troll, and not even a clever one.

      • http://twitter.com/AmericaPapist AmericaPapist

        I’m not a troll. I am the AMERICA PAPIST. I spread the message of God’s love (except gay people – we work to hurt them by depriving them of civil rights). Make sure to fire a gay person today. It’s still legal because the Catholic Church has spent millions of dollars lobbying against the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, because discrimination against gay people is a Catholic value!

        • http://twitter.com/be4marriage be [4] marriage

          Why don’t you know what your church has donated? The Catholic Church gave $100,000 to an anti-gay campaign that included a conference call that said parents should “slap their sissy children”. That is anti-gay. That is hate.

          • jdnich327

            @twitter-168281488:disqus: I don’t know everything that the Catholic church does or donates to. Bravo if you do. Since you know exactly what the Catholic church donates to whom, when and how much, could you please provide me with the details to look at the financial report and transcript of said conference call so that I might judge my church by the facts for myself? Again though, I must say that Tom’s article was about President Obama’s success in terms of oil/alternative energy. Why must everything always be about gay marriage and abortion? Why must we be so selfish with our own problems while humans suffer from things much worse than obtaining a marriage license?

  • http://twitter.com/AmericaPapist AmericaPapist

    Can we get back to “fanning hostility” against gay people? The anti-gay hate group that I work for did not pay CatholicVote $10,000 so that you could talk about gas. We expect some results from that money. Get back to work bullying gay people.



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