House Pro-Abort Dems In Shambles? And how we can continue the disintegration…

A curious thing happened last night on the way to the U.S. House of Representatives Chamber: Democrats forgot their notes.

Steven Ertelt has a lengthy report detailing the strange behavior exhibited by pro-abort Democrats, who were expected to press for amendments to overturn pro-life budget provisions (introduced by pro-life Republicans) during last night’s debate on the Continuing Resolution (CR) … instead, the Democrats talked a lot, but did nothing.

In other words, Democrats – who are now the minority party in the House – have basically given up their responsibility to be legislators and are now just burning through time at the podium shouting stuff like this:

Rep. Lois Capps of California said a vote against Title X is a vote for more cancer, diseases and abortions — using an attack on pro-life advocates that was particularly below the belt.

I believe this sort of low sniping shows the pro-abort Democrats in Congress are coming unhinged. After enjoying a large majority in the House for four years (since 2006), and being able to push through their agenda and crowd pro-life Republican voices out, the tables have now turned, and … well, they don’t seem to know how to deal with it.

Of course, part of the reason they can afford to simply show up in the chamber and never offer amendments is because they know they still enjoy two strong pro-abortion firewalls:

There are a number of theories as to why abortion advocates didn’t bring the amendments. They could have been worried about the black eye they would suffer politically by losing lopsided votes on the issues thanks to the new strongly pro-life House of Representatives. That appears the most likely reason — since the lopsided pro-life and GOP majority is the best pro-life scenario since Roe.

They could be place their trust in Senate Democrats or the conference committee process to remove the pro-life provisions and keep the abortion and abortion group funding mechanisms in place.

Abortion advocates may be putting their eggs in the basket of not fixing the bill so they can rally opposition to the final measure and talk about how it makes changes they don’t like — though with such a strong Republican majority that seems unlikely. They also could be hoping Obama will veto the continuing resolution bill — though that would complicate the Democrats’ political position by forcing a government shutdown next month. [LifeNews]

These are unchartered waters, which is why we need to re-double our efforts to support the new pro-life majority in the House, and continue working on the Senate.

Yesterday CatholicVote sent this alert out to our email list asking you to call your Representative in the House and ask them to support the Pence Amendment (#11) and to support all pro-life amendments in the Continuing Resolution (these include defunding Planned Parenthood, stripping international abortion agencies of their federal funding, and introducing improved conscience protections, etc).

This is our chance to call the Democrats’ bluff, to make them either support pro-life initiatives or to abandon their responsibilities as elected legislators. Thank you in advance for helping out the great cause of life in this critical time!

Picking up the phone is easy and our alert shows you how to do it. Please “Like!” this post once you have made your call!



  • Dave

    Start out by checking the voting records on all those running for office – if we had done this we would have known that BHO is radically pro-death, that defunding PP is the best way to insure it goes away (Margaret Sanger’s child) to insure the next generation (vs being in negative population growth)for more tax payers, voters, etc. and that those pushing for bigger government really have no clue what’s happening to the rest of us (more temp jobs, no benefits, minimum wage employment, etc).
    Follow up by reading your Constitution (federal and state) including the Bill of Rights – look for those who support a strict interpretation of same instead of trying to twist it to say what they want. The more we know what the “original intent” was, the better we can defend our Constitution and that includes “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness/Ownership”

  • KXX

    What about Dem-leaning districts that might snap back in two years? Is anyone paying attention to ensuring that the next Dem to run for, say, Bart Stupak’s seat is even more pro-life than he was?

    Bi-partisan pro-life consensus is the end game.

  • Cowboy Papist

    quick question – how effective is a mass call-in to our political representatives. In my state, we had all pro-aborts until the last election, and each one responded to any email communications with a ‘thanks, but I support choice’ type of form letter. Since November, we now replaced our congressman who is an avowed pro-life politician.

    My question basically asserts that it’s during elections when pro-lifers can have the most impact, as opposed to being reactive to specific bills. I’m I off base?

    • Joshua Mercer

      @CowboyPapist — Even if some politicians don’t change their mind on an issue, they do keep close tabs on voter intensity. If one side is up in arms and melting the phone lines, the politicians on the other side get spooked. The higher the intensity, the longer the political memory — that’s what people in Washington think. Makes sense, too.

      Right now MoveOn has mobilized their base to flood Capitol Hill will calls. If pro-lifers don’t respond, then it will make nervous or lukewarm supporters of the bill want the issue to go away. But if pro-lifers do respond and flood reps with tons of calls as well, then they will be more likely to stand firm.

      That’s why you should call, and then pester all your friends and family to call as well.

  • Ted Seeber

    Can somebody explain to me how cutting funding for nutritional aid to the poor, especially pregnant women, infants, and children is pro-life?

    I’m all for the other pro-life bills, especially S91 in the Senate which I’ve urged my Oregon Democratic, pro-choice senators to support just to bring the current laws in line with secular, scientific, definitions of life. But I can’t help feeling that cutting funding to WIC is a stab-in-the-back for us more Catholic, Consistent Ethic of Life people. It’s almost as if the pro-birther crowd has stepped in and said “We’ll support pro-life up until birth, but after that, we’ll leave the new citizens in the streets to starve”.

    • Jeff Job

      “Pro-Birther” is such liberal tripe as the rest of your comments affirms.Your attitude is showing your liberal assumptions that helping the poor as per Matthew 25 can only mean tyrannical, ineffective, big gov’t welfare programs that do nothing more than enable fornicating, drug abusing, personal responsibility denying deviants to continue unabated.
      My opinion is means testing social programs. If you are poor because you are a 16 year old crack addict with illegitimate children and a school dropout with a criminal record you volunteered for a life of misery. If you are a stay at home mom whose husband ran out on you or you are mentally ill or physically handicapped that’s a completely different matter altogether.
      Rewarding personal failure encourages and increases deviant behavior as the stats clearly show. Defund immoral behavior and it will decrease. All these programs were cooked up for was/is to create poverty, helplessness and dependency on Democrats.

      To illustrate my point consider this. Dems claim as you do to have a monopoly on compassion for the poor and Republicans are cold hearted tight fisted greedy misers who will “leave the citizens in the street to starve.” How then do you explain that the redder the state the higher per capita charitable giving and the bluer the state the lower the charitable giving. Seems to me liberal compassion is a farce. The only help you want to give is if it’s with other peoples’ money and only if it can be funneled thru Dems who will of course be richly rewarded on election day.

      I suggest a “Tax ME More ” fund. Every time a Dem or other leftist/statist starts crying alligator tears for “the poor” we pull out a form that authorizes the IRS to deduct money from HIS checkbook and we’ll see how many speeches the elitist millionaire Dems like John Kerry make then!

      You lefties in the Church do the same thing. Fail to preach about
      all the real evils like abortion, contraception and voting for culture of death dems and use the excuse that the IRS will take aways the 501c3 tax exemption if you do.

      If tax and spend policies are so compassionate I’d think you would DEMAND the Church pays taxes. You know the cliche’, “Don’t balance the (parish/diocese) budget on the backs of the “poor”.

    • Padre Pio

      Ted, you need to read your Bible. Maybe you’ve forgotten that abortion is the #1 issue that Jesus addressed (which therefore makes this the most Christ-like blog in existence). Your pathetic insistence that social justice exists beyond the womb has only outed you as a liberal Catholyc. The poor can pull themselves up by their bootstraps or better yet, can spend all that unemployed time volunteering to protest outside of abortion clinics. Remember that Jesus died for our prenatal sins, but after that we are on our own.

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