House to Call HHS Sec. Sebelius to Testify on Planned Parenthood

I’m so glad they’re putting Health and Human Services Secretary (and pro-abortion Catholic) Kathleen Sebelius “on the stand”:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be called on by pro-life lawmakers in the House of Representatives to testify on the Planned Parenthood abortion business in light of the new videtapes exposing it helping sex traffickers.

Rep. Cliff Stearns, a pro-life Florida Repubican who is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight panel, told the Los Angeles Times he plans to call Sebelius to the House to testify on Planned Parenthood and its taxpayer funding inlight of the new videos. [LifeNews]




    Personally, I think the country is heading in the direction of making sex trafficking legal, anyway. It’s pretty scary.

  • Geneva Street

    We should pray for her conversion.


    Hopefully it will not turn into an unresolvable debate re: abortion between her and the congresspesons. She will hopefully have the figures at hand regarding how much of PP’s federal $$$ goes for abortions vs. other services, if the grant agreements require complience with state parantal notification, and mandated reporting to CPS requirements an what information her department has regarding the liklyhood of other PP affiliates having an onging relationship with real traffickers and are providing OB/GYN services to thier undergage “string,” effectively subsidising thier operating costS.

  • Jan

    If some of these lawmakers and department heads had to actually give an accounting of the activities and services in their perview, they would be
    taking a hard look at these shananagans and, even if pro-abortion, weighing
    whether they really want to be associated with all that. The problem with evil, is that it doesn’t just confine itself to the parts we know about, it has no problem going into areas where it is much darker yet. There are no moral arbiters in the evil arena – as in: this is “ok” but this other is “not.” No, on the dark side things don’t stay where you put them – there is no stopping where it goes, and no one is in charge of keeping things just a “little” bad. When an business is making a lot of money legally killing babies, why do we wonder how they can allow pimps and trafficers to bring their hords of abused slaves to the scene – it is their program of wholesale pricing.
    Pro-abortion people, assuming you are not straight up evil, you have to get a clue by now, PP is not for women’s freedom or rights, it is for making a lot of money, however they have to do it.



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