House to Call HHS Sec. Sebelius to Testify on Planned Parenthood

I’m so glad they’re putting Health and Human Services Secretary (and pro-abortion Catholic) Kathleen Sebelius “on the stand”:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be called on by pro-life lawmakers in the House of Representatives to testify on the Planned Parenthood abortion business in light of the new videtapes exposing it helping sex traffickers.

Rep. Cliff Stearns, a pro-life Florida Repubican who is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight panel, told the Los Angeles Times he plans to call Sebelius to the House to testify on Planned Parenthood and its taxpayer funding inlight of the new videos. [LifeNews]



  • Michelle

    She looks like she has been getting little sleep. Wonder why.

  • JohnE

    I hope they grill the Hell out of her. Literally.

  • Linus

    Well I hope this doesn’t sound “hypocrifal,” but S.O.T.H sounds woefully ignorant about the history of medical care, charity and humanitarian aid, and the Church’s foundational role in creating and promoting all three long before any coalition of secular political “leaders” decided to take over that function (and make a healthy profit for themselves in doing so). The only thing the government offers that the Church can’t provide is assistance in killing yourself or your own children when the spiritual emptiness that results from placing your faith and immortal soul in the hands of The State finally overwhelms you.

  • sick of the hypocrisy

    You cannot be Catholic and ProChoice huh? I say you can’t be Catholic and support the kind of cuts that are being proposed in DC today. Cuts to family planning? Community Health Centers? WIC? Being Catholic means more then just being prolife and supporting the end of Abortion. It is highly hypocrifal when I hear Catholics talking out of both sides of their mouth.

    Pray and do action with the poor. Then come to me and talk about being prolife.

    • Dad of Six

      Check your Catechism “Sick of the hypocrisy”, abortion is an intrinsic evil.

      There is no such thing as a “seamless garment” in the Catechism.

      And I do help the poor.

    • South Dakota Sue

      Sick of hypocrisy you need to look at yourself. For centuries the Catholic Church and local parishes have providing goods and services to the poor throughout the world. Catholic Healthcare represents 1 in 6 (I believe) of all patients treated in the US, and plenty of charity care is given everyday. When did it no longer become our job to care for the poor and needy and the role of the government. Get your mirror out.

    • South Dakota Sue

      Sick of hypocrisy you need to look in the mirror. For centuries the Catholic Church and local parishes along with Catholic Healthcare organizations have been taking care of the most needy in our society. When did that become the role of Federal Government? When was the last time you volunteered your time and resources, is it really easier to pay more taxes and have someone else do it?

    • Everett Buyarski

      The Catholic Church is the single largest Charity in the entire world, providing more care for the poor, the abandoned, the marginalized, than anyone else. No hypocrisy here.

  • Connie Kannel

    You can’t be Catholic and PRO-CHOICE!!!!! Catholic do not believe in murder. I am Catholic and PRO-LIFE, no matter what!!!!!

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