How did Kyle Murphy Clark get past the Praetorian Guard?

<i>FACEPALM/UPDATE (10/29/12 5:35 p.m.): Goodness gracious, where did “Murphy” come from? The reporter’s name is Kyle Clark, not Kyle Murphy. Must not have had enough coffee before posting this on Saturday.</i>


Barack Obama hasn’t had an honest-to-goodness press conference with the White House press corps since April. Helen Thomas is gone, but a fair number of them are still on his side.

Instead he has deigned to be interviewed by such tough critics as Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, David Letterman, the ladies on The View, MTV, and a few ridiculous local radio shows.

They’re all good at what they do, but they are there to entertain, not to hold a president’s feet to the fire and insist on answers to tough questions.

So how in the heck did Kyle Murphy Clark slip past the guard? To be sure, he was only doing the job any good reporter should do: recognize the issues of the day and ask the unresolved questions. But that is exactly what Obama and his people have avoided the past six months in every forum apart from the debates.

Murphy Clark asks a tough question on Benghazi, then follows up with a more direct question when Obama said many words but did not answer. Recognizing that Murphy was actually being a reporter and not just another entertainer Obama began to filibuster. Murphy only got in a few questions, but he made his questions worth it.

Watch the whole thing:



  • John Coonen

    Hmmm, the video is not coming up for me :(

  • Beth

    you can tell how trained he is to flap his jaws and say nothing new. extremely trained

  • scragsmatemp

    Barack rambles well to eat up time.

    • Jan

      Actually, he rambles when there is no teleprompter to tell him what to say.



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