How do you get 300,000 people to read your pro-marriage defense?


a) Be a sucessor of the apostles (as Bishop Thomas Paprocki is) and have something profound and urgent to say about a question in the public eye.

b) Collaborate with lay Catholics who use social media to promote good messages (like CatholicVote).

c) Since I posted Bishop Paprocki’s letter in defense of marriage and religious liberty, it has been read onlineĀ over 300,000 times.

The fight to protect marriage, of course, does not end with simply proclaiming the truth. Bishop Paprocki is calling upon faithful Catholics to join him in Springfield, IL on February 20th for a Preserve Marriage Lobby Day at the capitol to oppose gay marriage and call out the hollow religious liberty protections being offered by the Democrats in the current bill.

If you live in Illinois, please take action to contact your representatives, and if you live near Springfield please show up and support marriage and religious freedom.

When lay catholics join in the mission of our bishops to protect the faith and stand up for the civil rights of all catholics and people of good will, we can and do win.

Or, to make this point visually…

This is his job:

This is our job:



35 thoughts on “How do you get 300,000 people to read your pro-marriage defense?

  1. CAxlRose says:

    “But behaviors are not civil rights and should not be addressed as such.”

    Oh no? So you your Catholic behaviors (going to Mass, receiving the Sacraments) aren’t Constitutionally protected?

    Try again, pal. Or, to put it another way: “Behaviors (I don’t like) are not civil rights.”

    Does that sound about right?

    1. NormChouinard says:

      Catholic behaviors are protected by the first amendment rights of freedom of Religious expression, no?

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