How Far We’ve Come

For the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Texas Alliance for Life has created a video recounting the progress of the Pro-Life movement. Despite many setbacks, the Pro-Life movement–our movement–is a story of hope and promise. In these last 41 years, we have slowly fought back and have won durable and lasting gains to protect the rights of the innocent unborn multitudes that are yet to come. Good will overcome evil.

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  • Kazmrr

    I am pro-life from conception to natural death. My husband and I have never been able to have children of our own….I would love to adopt a child to prevent an abortion! Why not give childless people like me/us a chance?

  • Mahala Mallicoat

    What a moving video – that gives hope for our future as we pledge to end abortion in our lifetime.

  • Moneybags

    donald, I support medicaid, food stamps, help from the government, aid to the poor… and the right to life of unborn children.

    Your complaint/comment is valid–to end abortion we must also give aid and dignity to the living, and help to expecting mothers. Please join people like me who fight for life regardless of the other agendas. If you don’t like the Catholic way, join the Godless Pro-lifers. Whatever you do, support what is right, regardless of affiliation.

  • Robey Klare

    this is so unbelieveable,, a nice way to share with all the wonderful pro life marchers in Washington this week , we can never stop working to stop abortion Thanks

  • margaret

    Excellent. I remember it all.

  • donald iarussi

    what about after they are born? us unemployed dads are called deadbeats. you oppose any medicaid, food stamps, help from the government Ifind the left and right hypocrites. as a young catholic in the bronx i was struck and insulted by sister peter marie at mount carmel catholic school in the bronx. I was insulted and demeaned in 5th grade for wearing jeans to church. I saw sexual perversity at the catholic tv station in brooklyn, ny and how the priests were racist and exploited workers with no xmas bonus.. wow so much catholic hypocracy! I am not on either side. i respect all life…But the catholic church screwed ,e over numerous times

    • Timothy Corbitt

      Donald, most the Catholic church supports Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other government help for those who really need them. As to individual Catholics, like all humans, Catholics are not perfect, and I,m sure you have met some poor ones, but The Catholic Church has never harmed you or anyone else, because it is protected from error, by Jesus Christ, its founder. You sound like someone who could use some counseling. I hope you get it.

    • May

      @donald iarussi: You are typical of those who attack those who are doing the will of the Father and engaging the culture in fighting the evil around us and the greatest evil of our time is the killing of innocent unborn life. You have no reasonable response so you change the subject with half truths and accusations that may or may not be true…but what if they are? The church is filled with sinners. Even Jesus had an apostle who betrayed him. Priests and nuns are human like the rest so yes there were some not so nice similar to ones in my life experience also. So what? Quit being a cry baby and instead of griping, jump in and join the faithful to help turn people’s hearts to be true and loving followers of Jesus Christ. Turning a blind eye to the killing of the innocent unborn is not how you correct bad behavior of sinful people in your life experience. We have lost 56 million human lives in the last 40 years. Wow…the implications are staggering and all you can do is bellyache and spout Democrat talking points. May you find the peace of Christ. Go to confession, grow up and live a holy life in the full embrace of Holy Mother Church.

    • Catherine Alexander

      One of the most common criticisms made against pro-lifers is that they don’t care about children after they are born. But that’s simply not true. Many pro-lifers HAVE adopted children and all pro-lifers make referrals to adoption agencies and pregnancy resource centers that can help them face financial difficulties.



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