How NCReporter Learned to Love the Bomb

The U.S. Bishops are urging Catholics to contact Congress to oppose President Obama’s desire to bomb Syria.

Pope Francis is insisting that more bombing is not an answer.

popeEven Jon Stewart (explicit content warning) doesn’t hesitate to call President Obama’s bomb proposal absurd.

But pundits of the Catholic Left can’t muster up the courage to unequivocally oppose their Democratic president’s bomb-mongering.

The National Catholic Reporter’s Michael Sean Winters has written a meandering screed supporting Obama. He doesn’t even mention the Pope, or the Bishops, much less rebut their statements. Can you imagine Winters failing to mention Pope Francis and the U.S. Bishops if they called for action on any other issue such as immigration, guns, or for that matter a Republican-instigated war?

On the NCReporter’s main page, it has forgotten how to plainly condemn bombing.  It lists some articles in favor of the bishops’ view, yet at the same time it hosts what can only be called a “diversity” of views on the topic.

In addition to Winters, NCReporter’s exclusive Jesuit “analyst” Fr. Thomas Reese wrings his hands about whether more bombs should be dropped. Fr. Reese cannot muster simple condemnation of more bombs. Reese prominently features the thoughts of William Galston, who offers a variety of justifications for the president.

So when Pope Francis, the Vatican, and the U.S. Bishops criticize Republican-led wars, or capitalist economics, pundits on the Catholic Left treat their messages as ex cathedra doctrine.  When these same Catholic bishops strenouously oppose President Obama’s desire to drop bombs on Syria, Catholic Left pundits start to wonder if bombs aren’t so bad after all.

I don’t remember NCReporter hosting bloggers who defended dropping bombs in Iraq, or offered pro-waterboarding “moral voices,” or theological defenses of nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A militaristic NCReporter: yet another fruit of “hope and change.”

UPDATE:  E.J. Dionne, the NCReporter fellow traveler and frequent pundit at Commonweal, has jumped on the bombwagon. Dionne gushes about how “lucky” we would all be if Obama gets to drop his bombs on Syria to display a “strong message of American determination.”

To Dionne the bombing would not only produce an immediate glee of destruction, but would at last usher in a joyful era where we see America “finally liberating itself from the shackles” of being reluctant to bomb countries that are not attacking us.

Dionne can’t wait until we shed that sad reticence and restore the freedom-to-bomb for Democrat presidents like Clinton and Obama–a divine right of the Left, but one that the evil Bush stole from them and tarnished in the eyes of the American people (by committing the crime of bombing-while-Republican).

NCReporter, of course, through Michael Sean Winters, thinks Dionne’s vista of renewed Democratic American belligerence is “one of his best columns ever.”

18 thoughts on “How NCReporter Learned to Love the Bomb

  1. Dale Price says:

    Winters shrugging off the likely ethnic/religious cleansing of Christians (and, indeed, anyone who is not a Wahhabi/Salafi Sunni) was a particularly fetid touch.

    Despite his protests, his main objection to the Iraq war appears to be that it wasn’t launched when a Democrat held the White House.

  2. Chrysologus says:

    You’re right about MSW, but your characterization of Reese’s article is wrong; he weighs different arguments but clearly leans against intervention. Perhaps most importantly, you ignore the fact that the editorial position of NCR is, in fact, AGAINST the war. This post is very unfair against NCR.

  3. Mike says:

    I am against any US military attack in Syria and I’d be the first one to support one if it were justified, having said that, weren’t the Bishops against the U.S. /Coalition attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan and the U.S./Coalition attacking Iraq-both with U.N. approval….not sure so someone inform me?

  4. Jeanne Rohl says:

    Of course they would support the President. The whole goal of the catholic left is to get rid of people.

    1. Mike says:

      AMen Jeanne

  5. Carlo Razzeto says:

    It would seem as if this “printing” the NCReporter has become peaceable again. A look at the home page (for me, just now) shows a host of articles supporting the Pope and Bishops. That said I found it funny that one such article included the words:


  6. Doug Ott says:

    This is not a Republican-instigated war. Retract this article now!!!!!

    1. Mimi Campbell says:

      I agree. Who is the heck can blame one side or the other for this insanity? No more war.

    2. Maureen says:

      Nowhere in the article does it say it is a republican instigated war. It has all come from Obama.

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