How The Hispanic Vote Can Change America

The Hispanic vote went heavily for President Obama in the recently-concluded presidential election, and its aftermath is the one most obvious consequence of the usual mix of soul-searching, self-immolation and overanalysis that a losing party usually does after a presidential campaign.

The Republicans are looking for a way to mobilize the Hispanic vote. This is logical and more power to them—but there’s a more important, overarching issue at stake and it’s what the Catholic Church is going to do with the large influx of Hispanic newcomers to the United States.

If the Catholic Church and pro-life Democrats capitalize on the Hispanic vote, the abortion industry is finished in the United States.

This is a political post so I’m going to pass on the more important points of noting that the Catholic Church’s most important role is do for the Hispanic newcomers what it did for the Irish, Italians, Polish, etc., in previous generations—give them a home in their new country, evangelize and teach the Faith and provide educational opportunity. But since this is a political post, we should also emphasize that it’s important the Church teach the importance of voting for life.

We’re no longer in an election year so the phrase “voting for life” shouldn’t be taken as a euphemism for voting Republican. Rather, it should be taken as motivating force to also nominate pro-life candidates in the Democratic Party. Simple deductive reasoning tells us that if the incoming Hispanics are heavily Catholic and heavily Democratic, then they can represent the single greatest threat to the Abortion Industry’s control over so many Democratic primaries, especially the one that at the presidential level.

The right to life is too important to be left in the hands of one faction of one political party as it is right now. Fundamental human rights in America are being left to sway based on whether the economy is up or down or which party has the more television-friendly candidate. And if the right side wins, we’re still left crossing our fingers that they’ll keep their word.

I know a lot of pro-life Catholics sincerely believe that’s the best we can do in what they see as a society gone completely hedonistic. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I’m not there yet. The Abortion Industry and a left-wing chokehold on the Democratic Party can collapse as surely as the Berlin Wall did. And the single fastest way to do it is for a rising grass-roots wave of Catholic Hispanic votes coming from within the Democratic Party itself.

Dan Flaherty is the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in postwar Boston with a traditional Democratic mayoral campaign at its heart, and he is the editor-in-chief of



  • davend

    Here’s a guy who seems to be a writer of novels and sports fan, who was pretty much wrong about everything regarding the election, and now wants to give advice about how to mobilize the “Hispanic” (try “Latino”) vote?

  • abadilla

    Forgive me if I miss something in your post, but there are some issues about Hispanics that must be addressed. 1) Millions of Hispanics watch Telemudo and Univisión and we are fed a daily diet of lefty propaganda. They do make it very clear, the Dems are for the poor and the oppressed and Republicans are just the opposite. 2) Many of our Hispanic priests are Democrats first and then Catholic, and even when thy received pastoral letters warning us we can’t support pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia pograms, pro-gay marriage, those priests will not preach the truth because they don’t want to hurt their party and they are very politically correct. 3) Many Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal, are told as soon as they come into this country, that the Dems are the party of the poor and immigrants and they buy into that propaganda easily.
    We are family oriented, despise abortion as a crime, don’t care for contraceptives, not because of religious reasons but because we see contraceptives as unnatural barriers. The day that Republicans are able to transmit to Hispanics the value of the family and warn us clearly of practices that are utterly rejected by our community, the Dems won’t have a prayer on us, but until that happens, Hispanics will continue to vote Democrat no matter what.
    Thank you for your post. From now on I will try to stay on topic and ignore the troll crowd. If we were all to do the same, the trolls will simply leave because there is no one to argue with.

  • Mrs.Phelan

    The left-wing chokehold was broken in 1992. The D party is so far to the right that a single payer option was not included in the ACA. The politically active right to life faction of the American Catholic church will NEVER get the votes of women (Hispanic, white, Catholic & every other demographic) as long as they insist on denying access to birth control. 90% of American Catholic women (able to bear children) use birth control. I was one (I’m now past childbearing age). We know that no matter what misguided men in Rome (or congress) say it is NOT a sin. It is one of God’s gifts – like insulin. It’s not mentioned in the bible. I drove cross county last October. The add that played over & over in Nevada? Romney will defund (close) Planned Parenthood. I lived in Reno (1986) – PP IS primary care for most Nevadans – without it they have NOTHING but the ER.

    • Alexis

      God help you. You have been so deceived that you cannot distinguish right from wrong.

  • Catherine

    Paul disappears, then Sasha, then Sara disappears, now Danny has picked up the same theme of bigotry against the Church. Oh, now I get it.

    • Danny Healy

      I’m sure people drop by to read the post and comments and then have other things to do. A majority of Catholics believe that banning gay people from marriage is in fact discrimination.

      • Guest

        Who cares? Homosexual acts are always and everywhere immoral. You and Paul can’t change that.

        • Danny

          I care. I care about gay people that are suffering from discrimination. Because Jesus taught us to care. The only thing you seem to care about is causing them harm and banning them from legal rights and inflicting discrimination on them.

          • Guest

            I care about homosexuals ceasing to sin. You should, too.

          • Jitters and Hate

            Banning gay people from civil marriage does not help them stop sinning. You have no right to ban gay people from marriage in order to force them to live by your morality, which is based on your religious beliefs. What banning them from marriage does do is accomplish an act of discrimination and hatred, and that is morally wrong.

  • Guest

    Now, Paul allows “Sara” to do the heavy lifting form while, but its the same tired ideas, and unless I miss my guess the same person.

  • Tony Love

    From Paul to Carmen to Peeps to Sasha to Sara . . . you can’t tell one from the other without a program, except the bigotry against the Catholic Church is the same.

    • Jitters and Hate

      I see no bigotry against Catholicism. Most Catholics agree with these folks and stand against discrimination.

    • Buffy

      They are all the same person. Don’t be fooled by the troll.
      If the moderators don’t flag their comments, than we should just ignore them.



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