How to Send a Christmas Card to Pope Francis


Yes, you can send a Christmas card to the Pope!

I know, it’s not exactly earth-shattering news, but most people (e.g. me, five minutes ago) have never considered the possibility that they can send personal mail directly to the successor of St. Peter.

And this time of year, what better way to exercise your newly discovered ability to mail something to the Pope than to send him a beautiful, personalized Christmas card?

Since I’m starting to sound like an advertisement, I’ll just cut to the chase.

Send your Christmas card to this address:

Pope Francis

Domus Sanctae Marthae

00120 Vatican City State

And don’t forget the retired people this Christmas:

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Mater Ecclesiae monastery

00120 Vatican City State

pope f

“Next verse! Bells on bob tails ring…”

For the more social-media savvy out there, check this out.

The Vatican is collecting Christmas video greetings to present to the Pope as well.  A few friends, some festive apparel, and a good dose of holiday spirit, and you’re ready to make a memorable Christmas video that the Pope will see himself.  Probably.  Okay, maybe.  Honestly who knows, but what the heck.

Also, don’t forget Advent.

And good will toward men.


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25 thoughts on “How to Send a Christmas Card to Pope Francis

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am new to this site and I too am Catholic but something told me to Send our Pope Francis a Christmas card. I thank you for putting up address for sending him card. I
    wish you all A Very Merry Christmas
    and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  2. billy midwood says:

    May God Bless You. I am a Catholic and want to let you know that the U.S Justice system Is filing a lawsuit against the Sisters of the Poor. I wanted you to know about this. You may already know this but I wanted you to know. This has to do with Abortion.

  3. Del Agda says:

    I have sent Christmas cards to Blessed Pope John Paul II and to Pope Benedict XVI. Both sent a letter of acknowledgment with apostolic blessing for me and my family. Isn’t it wonderful.

  4. kathy says:

    Great! Merry Christmas ALL!!

  5. Ann L Ogle says:

    I’m learning and plan on joining Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in Ferguson, MO, USA. May you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. martin says:

      May God Bless You

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