Hyper-Catholic Tweets About Super Bowl Ads

Okay, since the game was boring, I spent my time creating (and collecting here) hyper Catholic tweets about Super Bowl ads …

The best commercial was Tebow’s “No Contract” T-Mobile ad.

There was Stephen Colbert’s Wonderful Pistachio commercial

Axe’s commercial’s theme was “Make Love, Not War.”

Audi presented the half-Doberman half Chihuahua “Doberhuahua.”

Cheerios showed a father announcing a new child to his daughter, who insisted on a puppy.

Hyundai’s ad showed “Dad’s Sixth Sense” saving the day.

TurboTax suggested in its ad that Feb. 2 is not a holiday …

Butterfinger’s commercial showed a marriage counselor interviewing a troubled candy couple

Jaguar’s commercial wondered out loud why American movies make British men the bad guys.

GoDaddy’s commercial imagined body-builders rushing to a spray-tan business based on a web ad.



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  • BevC

    With 4,000 to 5,000 dogs being euthanized every day in shelters for the crime of being homeless, I say a sibling AND a dog.
    Cats being killed too so pick up one at your shelter.
    Multi-racial family; multi species household. Kids learn to cherish life in its diverse forms.

    • http://www.catholicvote.org Tom Hoopes

      In that case, when mom’s pregnant is not the best time to adopt a puppy … http://bit.ly/1gUq6Qa

  • Dee Franer

    Love your tweets!

  • http://csbannon.wordpress.com carol bannon

    I loved the unity of the Coke commercial where all languages joined in OUR song.

  • Constance

    Thank you. This is good.

  • http://catholicland.blogspot.com Seth

    These are almost as funny as the orthodox Catholic pickup lines.



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