“I am the 10%”

This powerful message is making its way around Facebook. When I speak with friends who have a child with Down Syndrome, unfailingly they all say how much joy their child brings into their life. It makes me feel ashamed to live in a country that chooses death instead of life for 90% of babies who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

To read more about the experiences of parents who have children with Down Syndrome, spend a few minutes reading a blog called A Special Mother is Born.



  • Mr. Marx

    Another defective brought onto the tax leach roll because of a deluded mom believing in a god thing. Hopefully, Obama will direct euthanasia by Executive Order soon, so lumps of flesh like this will be eliminated before they consume millions of $$$ of medicaid in a futile attempt to keep them alive.

    I fully accept and promote the Dutch medical system protocol which calls for eliminating the weak and defective early. Dutch law permits the euthanasia of children up to twelve, even if the parents object.

    This thing will never pay a dime of income tax to the system, but will consume millions in care dollars to feed, clothe, and house. For what? Meanwhile, the government is short trillions of dollars to take care of the tax paying population.

    When Obamacare is fully enacted, 100% of the fetus’ diagnosed with Down’s and other diseases in the womb will be terminated via abortion. Involuntarily, if necessary.

    • Lentz of Goulburn

      Oh, go on! You’re just stirring.

    • Mine Tripper

      I… What? Obviously you’re trying to start an argument. There’s something I’d like to point out, though. Ever read the bill of rights? The right of life and the pursuit of happiness. Gee, the constitution is great, huh? And it’s not like people OTHER than the government can take care of the kid. He has parents, doesn’t he? And others who care about him? Good grief, look at me going on. Well, you get my point, I hope.

    • Matthew

      You have made money and taxes into your God. So what if this human being never pays any tax? He is a human being. Economic theory is too subject to morality, not independent from it.

      “For what?”

      Because he is a human being, just like you, just like me. Why is the “tax paying population” inherently more valuable than those who cannot pay taxes? Why are taxes the end-all be-all?

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  • Anna Lisa

    My nephew Mikey has Downs and is in a wheelchair. He is an adorable rascal! When my sister was four months along with him, he was diagnosed with Downs and a bone disease. People were actually angry with her for not terminating!! As I get older, I am realizing that ALL of us must become more like him to get to heaven! We call ourselves “normal”, but we are prone to the deadly sins in a way that will never touch or tempt Mikey. He is sixteen now and still soaks up love like a small child.

  • Dutchman

    This is a blatant rip-off of Occupy Wall Street’s slogan “We are the 99%” and is thus despicable. When someone comes up with a good slogan or symbol, decent people respect that and don’t go hi-jacking it for their own purposes. Shame on you for stealing someone else’s intellectual property.

    • Andrew

      I’m fairly certain it’s intended to be a spin off of that.

    • Ramona

      Who cares about Occupy Wall Street and their stupid slogan? I care that 90% of Down Syndrome babies are being aborted like yesterdays garbage. Your comment is not necessary or welcome in an article such as this trying to draw away attention to the abomination of abortion of Down Syndrome babies. Go whine somewhere else.

    • Richard A

      Well, that certainly puts it in perspective! Thanks for the heads-up on that horrible moral transgression. Next thing you know, they’ll be killing people. No, wait…

    • Joshua Mercer

      It’s fair game to play off a catch phrase that’s captured the American imagination and use it to make a different point. (This one especially wasn’t an attack on the Occupy Wall Street movement even.) You don’t have to like it. But calling it “hijacking” or “stealing” is a joke. And it’s your disdain for free speech which is shameful.

      • Dutchman

        You know, if you had ripped off the slogan of some big corporation, they would have sued the pants off you. The only reason you’re getting away with it is because Occupy Wallstreet is a genuine people’s movement without a lot of high-priced corporate lawyers to bludgen you into sumission.

        Make up your own slogan.

    • Joe M

      I hate to break it to you. However, percentages cannot be copyrighted.

  • shell

    Absolutely brilliant.
    I will put this photo on my blog. If ever I saw a photo that needs to go viral this one is it.
    God bless and thank you



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