I Am Woman, Hear Me Pour

During that aforementioned forum in Iowa, someone put out a water pitcher and glasses for the candidates. So as they were sitting down, Rep. Michele Bachmann took it upon herself to pour the water for everyone. When Frank Luntz, who was moderating, pointed this out, she replied: “I’m used to it, Frank. I’ve poured a lot of water in my time.”

It is such a small, unimportant thing. But then there’s something about those little actions of our lives that can say so much more than any speech.

She’s a woman confident and grateful for her femininity — at least that’s the message that shows through. And that is refreshing in American politics. No political consultant is going to tell her to shoulder pad — or Planned Parenthood — it down. And that’s no small, unimportant thing.



  • SalveVeritate

    So glad you highlighted this. I watched the Iowa forum and was also struck by Rep. Michele Bachmann’s pouring water for all the men on the panel. As a woman, it was so refreshing to see such a natural, courteous and feminine gesture that it caused me to listen to her with greater attention. Thanks.

  • Joseph K @ Defend Us In Battle

    Wow! I did not hear about this until just reading it. I am a Bachmann person to the degree that I like what she stands for and thinks she brings something important to the table in this process. I am under no delusion that I think she will get the nod at this point, or even that she “should.”

    This anecdote solidifies my support for her, and the “why” behind it. It might have been done as a “statement” or “ploy” but it speaks 1000 words, or more.




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