I Don’t Believe

Archbishop Dolan has provided “political cover” for House Republicans in his letter responding to Congressman Ryan about the federal budget and Catholic social teaching. I believe he and Paul Ryan just demonstrated the depth of our responsibilities in politics — renewing a focus on possibilities and challenges.

Thanks be to God, as the archbishop is wont to say.



  • Julian Mancinelli

    K-my brother Davide is harmless. Don’t let him get under your skin. He is a terrific guy only opinionated and he will accuse me of stalking him. I have been stalking him here for weeks. Goodbye-J

  • Davide M.

    Kathryn, have you ever said something you wish you hadn’t? Or said things in the wrong manner and tone? Yesterday I did this to you. I am deeply sorry if my comment was offensive in anyway. should have chosen my words more wisely. Open mouth insert foot type of thing– I am not a gentle person, I am too proud and lack humility in all areas of my life. I have strong convictions and I am proud. However I am bit of a narcissism jerk. I deeply apologize if my comment yesterday hurt you in any way. Let me tell u a secret: my older sister and younger brother live with me. If pushing brothers in front of a bus was legal I would have “greyhound” stamped on my chest. Be thankful u don’t have to listen to my rantings everyday. Okay see you



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