I Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

Via Saint Peter’s List, sixteen political cartoons from Obama’s war on Catholics.

Just one:

See the rest here.



33 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

  1. Sir Robert says:

    Heretical, liberal, Katholycs can get out anytime they want…and take your filthy child-killing policy with you. It’s not wanted in Christ’s Church. The Catholic Church fights the devil…you embrace the devil with your embrace of child murder and perverted sexuality. Take your filth and contract made with that party platform from Hell and get out…just go….go now…get! You will not have to lie to yourself anymore, and we won’t waste time over these stupid debates. The Church isn’t changing on this issue, and history has shown the Church lives on while her enemies go to the dust heap. You cannot win.

    1. Mara says:

      Wow! Catholics against Katholycs. Very interesting. 90+% of Catholic women use birth control. 60+% of Catholic women do not believe in “forced birth.” If this keeps up, we may have a female Pope in the near future or at least, a female Priest. The slavery of women’s rights is ending. A bright world lies ahead where men and women are truly seen as equal and equally unique.

      1. Briana says:

        Yeah and if Catholic women or Catholic men believed in embezzlement, theft, adultery, pornography, polluting the environment, racism, child or spousal abuse, or anything else like that, you would be defecating bricks. So look who is talking.

        1. Mara says:

          Say what?

          1. Briana says:

            I’m saying that if Catholics violated the teachings of their faith any other way you would have a problem. Yet if Catholics violated their faith in a way that it coincided with your personal beliefs, you would be totally ok with it. Just because Catholics do certain things, it doesn’t make those things right at all.

          2. Mara says:

            Briana, indeed I do believe that the use of contraceptives is not a sin. I also believe the concept of “forced births” promoted by the Catholic Church is a an act of slavery against women and against the very nature of God. If there were no Catholic women who agreed with me I would still believe it. The fact that a majority of Catholic women do agree with me is a sign of wonderful things to come.

          3. Julie T. says:

            Mara, then you are not a *Catholic*, but a protestant. The same holds true for anyone who holds *opinions* like yours. And, no, Christ’s Church will NOT change because He promised the “gates of hell will *not* prevail.” At least have some intellectual honesty. It would be a refreshing change. Join the Unitarians. I’m certain they will welcome you with open arms.

          4. Mara says:

            I wonder what you’ll do when the Catholic Church has its first female Priest and they will if your Church is to survive. What religion will you then follow?

          5. Soros Troll Alert says:

            Mara how much is George Soros paying you to troll this website with your anti-Catholic views? Do you get paid by the word or how many responses you get? I ask because no True Catholic could ever espouse the intrinsic evils that you do.

          6. Sir Robert says:

            I want to invent a “Report Troll” button that, after so many votes, the troll in that forum has a huge red “T” next to their picture.

          7. Briana says:

            Yeah, unborn women would disagree with you about that.

          8. Joe M says:

            It’s sad to me that you see women as being “enslaved” by an innocent child that they conceived.

          9. John son of John says:

            try reading humanae vitae, the didache, or adam and eve after the pill.
            the Catholic church has been against that for a reason it harms women by having many side effects
            and as Dr. Jerome leune found 10 years after roe vs wade was that the zygote is a human being with its own unique genome and DNA
            God Bless you on journey

          10. Sir Robert says:

            Mara, who in the name of the union cares what you think is a sin!?!?! You’re not God. If you don’t like what the Church teaches, leave! Try the Unitarians, they do not beleive in anything.. You will love them. Do you really beleive the Church is going to change after 2,000 of being the target of every evil regime in history and surviving it with the same doctrines? You are dreaming.

          11. just visiting today says:

            good thing there are some faithful Catholic broodmares, like myself, who are bearing enough children to keep free thinkers like you in social security. You’re full of S*** about the majority of Catholic women agreeing with you. Your ignorance is astonishing.

          12. Mara says:

            Thanks for your response

          13. just visiting today says:

            good thing there are some faithful Catholic broodmares, like myself, who are bearing enough children to keep free thinkers like you in social security. You’re full of S*** about the majority of Catholic women agreeing with you. Your ignorance is astonishing.

      2. Julie T. says:

        “Mara,” why are you repeating a long-discredited statistic that even the Washington Post debunked? You also overlook the obvious, which is even IF the number was accurate, wrong is still WRONG, no matter how many are guilty of the offense. If you don’t like the Church’s teachings, why don’t you 1.) prayerfully take it up with Jesus or 2.) camp out over at HuffPo where 99.99 percent of the readers share your outlook?

      3. John son of John says:

        you mean 14% of liberal “Catholic” women over 40 right?

  2. abadilla says:

    Yes, Catholics for Obama are selling the unborn NOT just for thirty pieces of silver, but in order to maintain a government willing to feed them, house, them, and wipe their rear ends!

  3. Francis says:

    Right – well, I’m sure if a Republican had been elected in 2008 abortion would have been eliminated. Ha – THAT’s a joke. And I would bet money that if Romney wins in the upcoming election, it will be business as usual for all abortion providers and all abortion seekers.

    1. abadilla says:

      You are right in stating that a President, whether he is a Democrat or a Republican cannot change the law of the land, but a President can appoint Supreme Court Justices who can get rid of Roe vs. Wade, but appointing certain judges is not a guarantee that they will eliminate abortion.
      What a President can do, is to eliminate contraceptives and abortion exported by the U.S. to Third World countries. Both NARAL and Planned Parenthood know they have a friend in the White House and this administration has been busy promoting contraceptives and abortion in Third World countries regardless of the fact that the religions of those countries, oppose both practices.

  4. ifollowHATE says:

    Obama said abortion should be “safe, legal and RARE” yet his supporters are labeled as opportunistic murderers in a cartoon reposted here. Romney buys a company that disposes of aborted fetuses and makes money by contracting with Planned Parenthood, and gets an endorsement from “CatholicVote”. I too, don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    1. Mary says:

      Dont forget, RARE has been removed from the Democrats Party platform. But, regardless, words are meaningless when someone wants them to be.

      1. ifollowHATE says:

        Like when Rmoney signed a contact with a surrogate giving himself the right to abort the fetus if it was sick? Seems to me that his words are meaningless.

        1. Erin says:

          Um… Do you have a citation for that claim?

          1. The corporation called “google” is a person, my friend. Feel free to consult them.

        2. Erin says:

          You know what, nevermind. I looked it up myself. It’s TMZ, that’s the source. That’s real journalism right there… And even if the TMZ claim is true, it wasn’t Mitt Romney’s contract, it was his son’s. more importantly TMZ acknowledged that the abortion language was part of standard surrogacy contracts and that Tagg Romney probably neglected to remove it.

          1. abadilla says:

            TMZ? Wow! There we have a very reliable source, don’t we?
            Perhaps we should go to the KKK website to see what they have to say about Blacks or go to a Palestinian website to see what they have to say about Israel. Erin, thank you for doing the job for us.

    2. Joe M says:

      Planned Parenthood is doing a pro-Obama bus tour.

      If you think that abortion is a winning issue for Obama over Romney, keep talking it up.

    3. abadilla says:

      “Obama said abortion should be “safe, legal and RARE” How about the truth, “Obama said murder should be “safe, legal, and RARE.” Gee, isn’t this the truth?

      1. fring says:

        I’m not understanding the thought. Of course murder should be rare.

  5. Josephine says:

    Cry. ;-;

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