I Googled ‘55 Million.’ Here Is What I Found.

When the Drudge Report linked Kristen Hawkins’ piece about being “overwhelmed” by the 55 million deaths of unborn children since Roe v. Wade became law in 1973, it had the intended effect. For me, anyway.

55 million

It’s hard to believe: 55 million people who should be here, aren’t.

So I Googled “55 million.” Here’s what I found.


Facebook status

There were 55 million status updates per day on Facebook in 2013.


paper clips

Americans use nearly 55 million paper clips a day.


55 million meals are served in Disneyland parks each year.

royal wedding

55 million Americans watched Prince Charles wed Lady Diana on television in 1981.



55 million is 10% of children under the age of 5 worldwide today.


55 million is the population of Italy.


55 million people died from 1939-45 in World War II, including the holocaust and Chinese revolution.


In 2011, an estimated 55 million people died worldwide.



And since 1973, 55 million people have been legally killed in America because the Supreme Court decided they have no right to life.

This is why we March, no matter what the weather.


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  • elaine layton

    This is so tragic, senseless and unnecessary.
    Of those 55 million, could there have been the scientist(s), doctors, man or woman who could have found cure to cancer, ALS, etc. etc. etc., who could have brought us to world peace?
    Don’t you see, that we are wiping our selves out, not procreating enough to replenish us. My mother was right, MAN is his own worst enemy.
    We took God out of our schools, country everywhere. When God is not allowed in our lives, the dEVIL thrives.

  • John Riegel

    As I saw in a posting last evening, if we find bacteria on Mars, we say we have found life.
    Why is bacteria on Mars considered “LIFE”, while a human baby in it’s mothers womb is not? Just how does this make any sense?



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