I Have No Idea What The Pope Is Talking About, And Neither Do You


In this photograph, I mean.

pope with lamb


After all, not knowing what the person is actually saying is what makes a caption contest fun, right?

Besides, if there’s anything we’ve learned in the past year, it’s that having no clue what Pope Francis is saying  should never be a hindrance to putting words in his mouth.

And Thomas – sorry for so shamelessly treading on your turf, but it’s such a great picture I couldn’t pass it up.

So readers, have at it.   What captions can you come up with for this great photo of Pope Francis?

I took a few stabs at it myself…

pope with lamb

“No, I’m serious – the secret to a great leg of lamb is rosemary!”

pope with lamb

“This lamb must not like me…he’s demonstrating his trickle down theory down my back.”

pope with lamb

“Okay fine, maybe you’re right – I probably wouldn’t have said that if I knew they smelled this bad.  For the love…”

pope with lamb

“No, I said the Pope loves you, not ewe.”

pope with lamb

“So then I’m like, ‘Hey Monsignor, how much if I wear this sheep around all day?’…ha ha ha!”

pope with lamb

“You know what else is hilarious?  ‘Get Strangled by a Sheep-Wielding Gypsy Day’ was yesterday, not today, so kindly remove the sweaty livestock from my neck.”


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  • futurefatherz

    He just wanted to have a photo so he could be compared with the Good Shepherd he emulates!

  • Patrick

    I’ve seen that trick before. The Gypsies throw a lamb over your shoulders and as your hands instinctively go up to grab it they grab your wallet. That trick is wasted on me. Have you ever heard of a vow of poverty?

  • Elaine Steffek

    “For penance I was given 2 Our Fathers, 2 Hail Mary’s, and 1 animal sacrifice”

  • Janet O’Connor

    They are using Francis as Jesus in being the Good Shepherd who is feeling and caring for his flock. But it might also have to do with the traditional blessing of the lams to make palliums for the Bishops and Cardinals

  • Caro

    I wonder what the secular media will say this time… “Pope goes on date with Gypsy, and he ordered a lamb to go!” Ha ha ha

  • Panda Rosa

    Okay, the first three were worth a smile or two; never hurts to be silly.



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