I Just Don't Know Anymore

Well life as usual is falling apart at some seams but coming together at others. So I feel things are finally getting better with us and then she reads a text wrong and curses at me saying bye cause of it. I just hate not talking on the phone or in person bacause stupid s*** like this happens by typing things.

Aside from that i’ve been working 8 hours with another 3 on top of it at the Bangor house remodeling. The house is almost done. We are guessing 2 weeks max left. Then I shall never return to Bangor again haha. That place is freaky. The people are weird there, as if from another planet.

Summer league bowling is on its 3rd week and I did alot better then last week this time. Had a 191,168, and 237. Second game sucked but we all have our moments lol. I think thats when I was texting Sarah back and forth so I wasnt focused lol.

Tonight I finally got to talk to Vicky on the phone hehe. She is such a cutie and makes me giggle all the time. I have never met anyone quite like her but its good I have her around when I need to cheer up like today. And other stuff but not getting into it lol. She knows though haha.

This weekend Fri-Mon I will be gone. Im going to Mountain Springs Campgrounds with the family and i dont know if I will have cell service but hopefully I will and you’s can call or text.

Monday im hoping and hoping that she realizes I didnt say she thinks shes better then everyone and plays tennis with me. If not then idk what to do anymore i’ve tried everything I could possibly do.

Well im off to do whatever. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.




9 thoughts on “I Just Don't Know Anymore

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  3. zxzx says:

    zxzx 12312123

    1. Christian says:

      Test of users comments and entries

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah too bad you never notified me to hangout or anything. Jerk.

    1. majoinpu says:

      test comment122

    2. bnbn says:


  5. Ritch Davis says:

    168? I’m lucky to even get into the triple digits, hehehe.

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