I will be attending this conference over the weekend

I’ll be attending the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s spring leadership conference on “Russell Kirk and the Prospects for Conservatism” this weekend in Indianapolis.

To prepare for the conference, I’ve been reading Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind, and if I find the time, the book of another presenter, Rod Dreher’s (Crunchy Cons). A quick disclaimer: I’m neither a “crunchy con” nor a conservative at this point (though I clearly lean conservative if you’ve read these pages at any length). Anyway, this weekend is primarily an educational experience for me. Political identities aside, I believe these people are doing fine work and I’m eager to learn more about them and support their endeavors.

(aside: if anyone is looking for a really fantastic Austrian-economics master’s level program taught by conservative and thomistic-formed professors, shoot me an email. I’m sitting on a hot tip.)

Here is the conference summary:

“Russell Kirk has long been considered the father of the conservative intellectual movement in America. The publication of The Conservative Mind in 1953 identified a coherent strain of conservative sentiment and ideas that could be traced to America’s founding, and that found its roots ultimately in the British statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke. As historian, political theorist, literary critic, and novelist, Kirk reminded an ever-changing world that true progress depends on a grounding in a community’s traditional prudence and wisdom.

ISI will convene a one-day conference at the historic Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, to reflect on Kirk’s life, thought, and prescriptions for a diverse and often fragmented movement. Participants will also be lead to consider broader questions about the future of conservatism in America.

Join ISI’s best and brightest students and faculty in this day-long networking and leadership conference. Seating is limited.”

The conference schedule is available here (in that annoying PDF format).

So, if anyone is planning on attending, please drop me a line. I always love meeting my awesome readers!





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