Ick: NBC requires actors to sign nudity clause for primetime show

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  • Hollywood continues to push the envelope. The Parents Television Council, a watchdog group that alerts families to objectionable programming, notes that NBC has stipulated in contract that actors have to be willing to do scenes with nudity or simulated sex for their upcoming TV show “The Playboy Club” set to debut in the fall. The show is set in the 1960s at the infamous nightclub founded by pornographer Hugh Hefner. “NBC is toeing the line by airing the ‘The Playboy Club’ in the fall, a program in which actors were required to sign a nudity clause — virtually unheard of for broadcast television,” said PTC President Tim Winter in a statement Wednesday. The Council also thanked ABC and CBS for changing the titles of two series that previously contained the word “bitch.”
  • Former Governor and former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson is the presumptive Republican frontrunner for the Wisconsin Senate seat vacated by retiring Democrat Herb Kohl. But the fiscally conservative Club for Growth is begging for a Republican alternative to Thompson. “Tommy Thompson raised taxes as Governor, supported ObamaCare, and now he wants to run for the United States Senate? April Fools was weeks ago,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Wisconsin Republicans should recruit a pro-growth conservative to run, not recall some big-government pro-tax Republican whose time has come and gone. Club members are watching Wisconsin’s Senate race closely.”
  • Steve Driehaus, a “pro-life” Democrat who voted for Obamacare and was booted from office in 2010, is still trying to stop a pro-life organization that campaigned against him last year. The Susan B. Anthony List ran ads that said Dreihaus supported the pro-abortion healthcare law signed by President Obama. Dreihaus claims it was not pro-abortion and he tried to get the Ohio Election Commission to punish SBA List for the ads. The case was dismissed but now Dreihaus is suing the pro-life group in court. Marjorie Dannefelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, is confident they will win in court: “Even the liberal ACLU has backed up our right to free speech, writing in an Amicus Brief in our support.”


  • Susan

    Why don’t you stick to things like Rick Santorum supporting torture. Which is clearly against Catholic teaching. Why do a subject like this? Do you think you have control over what NBC does? We live in a world where The Jersey Shore is one of the most popular shows on tv.
    If America wasnt wanting it, the market wouldnt support it. You guys are all about the free market, and less regulations on things. That only works though when it’s something you support. Otherwise you dont really believe that kind of talk.

    • Brian C

      When something (engaging in business, the exchange of goods and services) is a valuable and moral action and necessary part of everyday life, the free market should determine which products succeed and which products fail.

      When something (pornography) is morally illicit, it is reasonable to request that regulations be implemented to limit its use and scope, or at least provide negative commentary on the situation (which is all that Joshua is doing).

  • debrr

    I live in Driehaus’ voting area and repeatedly sent him emails for him to not support Obamacare and that it would guarantee that he would not return for another term. He not only is a “pro-life” democrat,but is also a Catholic. He pretty much gave the seat back to Chabot who is a true pro-life Republican and is also Catholic. We have heard NOTHING in the news here about this law suit. If he wanted to stay in office he should have listened to the people who vote for him not the democratic party, not Obama, not the Sisters of Charity or the other Catholics who came out in support of Obamacare! I wonder if he will also try to take to court everyone who voted for Chabot?

  • Robert

    This is disgusting, we are going backwards instead of forward, you are treating the body as an object, opening up to all kins of perverts, we are going to become a nation of perverts soon with all the nonsense that is being sent through congress, sex is taking over the screens, I will block NBC from my house, if this is to continue.



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