Illinois ends the death penalty, but abortion remains legal

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill to ban the death penalty

Has it ever happened to you? You ask a fellow Catholic to reject a candidate who supports abortion. They reply with: “But what about the death penalty?”

Nevermind the obvious fact that one ends the life of a convicted criminal, the other ends the life of an innocent baby.

(By the way, CatholicVote opposes the death penalty. So do I.)

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, 1,242 persons have been executed in the United States since 1976. But there are 3,700 abortions in America every day. That means more children died from abortion by noon today than the number of persons that were executed over the last 34 years.

I’ll be honest, it sure seems Catholic Democrats use this line because they don’t want to defend their favorite candidate’s support of abortion. They always want to turn the discussion to the death penalty.

Well, in Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn just took that issue off the table. As of today, the death penalty is no more in Illinois.

So, you wanna talk about abortion now?



  • Francis

    Joshua, rather than pitting one life issue against another, why not simply celebrate that a governor took a step that respects life?



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