Illinois State Senator, Former Seminarian, and Current Anti-Catholic Bigot Martin Sandoval

Here’s Bill Donohue from the Catholic League on Illinois Democrat Sen. Martin Sandoval

Senator Sandoval, a Catholic, voted in favor of gay marriage yesterday. Although that puts him at odds with the Church’s teachings, it is certainly something he is entitled to do. What he is not entitled to do is to mock the Catholic Church.

(A former Seminarian) Sandoval said he experienced alcoholism and homosexuality, and “even met men that were pedophiles.” But none were guilty of any wrongdoing. Indeed, it was through “no fault of their own” that they descended to such a level. Then he unloaded: the culprit was “the Church and its leaders who did not provide any support to these—to these good men of faith.”

Sen. Sandoval then went on to mock the Pope, always a good strategy when a politician is trying to whip-up anti-Catholic hysteria.

Here’s the full video of Sen. Sandoval’s diatribe, kicking in at the 36 minute mark of the Senate debate.  Note that Sen. Sandoval, who claims to have 8 years of Seminary education (at Quigley and Niles, per sources) incorrectly declares Ash Wednesday a Holy Day of Obligation.

Update: Sen Sandoval claims in his Senate biography to serve “on the board of Catholic Charities of Chicago, Advocate Bethany Hospital and the Save-A-Life Foundation.”

Save-A-Life has a storied past mixing politicians, supposed “charity” and money laundering



  • Greg B.

    Oh, that’s cute that CV is using the word bigot now. Is that what we call people now. when they reject your actual bigotry? When Sandoval starts misrepresenting research to suggest that Catholics are a danger to society and children, or when he proposes a bill to outlaw marriage or adoption by Catholics and donates millions of dollars to that effort, come back and talk to us. Until then you need to stfu.

    • Frantastic1

      Thank you Greg. I know your message appears to go unheard on this board. But it does not go unheard by the Church’s faithful members. Please don’t be deterred and continue to speak the truth. We will get there.

      • chris scanlan


  • Frantastic1

    I don’t think calling someone a jerk and a bigot is a particularly catholic thing to do. Perhaps you need to study our catechism.

    • Mark Hartman

      Actually, “admonish the sinner” is something we teach. Given the senator’s rant, “jerk” and “bigot” are charitable.

    • abadilla

      Spare me the bull. We all know how “Catholic” you are. You might as well call yourself Sandoval.

      • Frantastic1

        Petty personal attacks again? I think it’s clear how catholic you are.

        • chris scanlan

          I’m not too worried about abadilla, He has spoken out on the importance of obedience to the church and her teachings on many occasions and has always defended the church’s position on every current issue. Now you on the other hand frantastic, i have my doubts on your loyalty to the Church. If you could, I’m sure this discussion would be much more pleasant if you supported those defending the church instead of those making disparaging comments towards CatholicVote, the Catholic Church, and those Catholics posting here that attempt to defend the church. Thanks! and Have a great Lent!

        • abadilla

          Can you say I lack prudence? Yes, can you accuse me of not being Catholic? No way given what you have written about the faith for weeks now.



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