Important pro-life vote Thursday!

Your representative is set to vote this Thursday on legislation that would insure that taxpayer funds are never used to fund any abortions or provide abortion coverage under President Obama’s new health care law.

The bill titled the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358) would specifically prohibit funding for abortion or abortion coverage in the government related exchanges, community health centers, or any other program authorized by the new law.

The proposed law would also protect conscience rights by specifying that federal agencies could not discriminate against healthcare entities that refuse to be involved in abortions.

Can you contact your legislator today and urge them to vote YES and to oppose any hostile amendments?

Pro-abortion legislators, backed by Planned Parenthood, are planning to gut the new bill with amendments designed to water down the taxpayer protections and conscience protections. As of now, the pro-life majority in Congress is holding strong — but they need to hear from the Catholic vote.

Pro-life groups are united behind this legislation. Our Catholic Bishops have also been urging Congress to pass this law.

CatholicVote has backed the Protect Life Act from the beginning — and we want it passed now!

Call 202-224-3121 and tell your representative you support H.R. 358 and want it approved!

If you do not know your legislator, you can look them up by visiting

You may recall that these taxpayer protections were originally proposed by Rep. Bart Stupak during the debate over Obamacare. The House voted to include them in the new healthcare law, but Democrats in the Senate ultimately struck them from the final bill. In an 11th hour move to satisfy wavering legislators, President Obama promised to use an Executive Order to assure that taxpayers would not be forced to fund abortion.

But legal scholars agree the Executive Order is weak, and could be tossed out by any President at any time.

We need a permanent fix. We need a law that guarantees that any government-sponsored health insurance program will NEVER fund the destruction of innocent children. Period.

Help us get this bill passed on Thursday.

Please contact your representative today and tell them to get it done.

Take 3 minutes now and call 202-224-3121.

– Brian, Josh, Kara, Pat, Thomas and the rest of your CV Team



  • KLB

    What if I cannot get a hold of my house representative?

  • Becky

    Brian, Your prompt for action on the Protect Life Act, is an example of why we need you and Catholic vote keeping us informed! With input from supporters across America, I expect this will pass the House. I’m looking forward to you informing us when it moves to the Senate, so we can make a difference there!! We need this Act to insure that Obama’s Health Care Plan will not be abused by Planned Parenthood, and others who would put faith based healthcare providers out of business.
    Thank You

  • Brian Burch

    Greg –

    Sorry for the confusion. The Protect Life Act is specific legislation to prohibit abortion funding, or funding for premiums that pay for abortion in the new healthcare law — along with critically important conscience protections that never got the attention they deserved during the healthcare debate. It is essentially a tighter Stupak Amendment + conscience protections for Obamacare.


    Hi all: I thought the Hyde amendment provided all these protections. What does this add?

    • Joshua Mercer

      Greg, the Hyde amendment is an annual appropriations rider. It was weakened in 1993. The Protect Life Act would codify Hyde with regards to health care into federal law. So there wouldn’t be an annual appropriations fight on this.



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