In His Presence: Peace Comes to Morning Joe

As I was drinking coffee this morning to keep rolling — with my reading and writing schedule-checking and online producing — responding to e-mails and clicking on different websites along the way, I was drowning in the anxiety overload. Hopelessly falling behind.

Not only was I clearly and totally overstimulated, I had Morning Joe, on MSNBC, on the TV in the background.

Perhaps ironically, the roundtable there was discussing a book Goldie Hawn has out about tech timeouts. Donny Deutsch sounded like he was about to assume the fetal position talking about the poisonous iPadded ecosystem we’re living in. Everyone seemed to be screaming. Sorta the way souls in purgatory, I suspect, do.

And then, show co-host Mika Brzezinski changed the course of the conversation.

Peace came to the conversation.

She talked about bringing her teenage daughter to church. “I drive my daughter to Church,” she said. She does it randomly, she says. There was no Mass going on, she said, about a recent visit. But we stayed there for 40 minutes. She needed it.

“Powerful,” Goldie Hawn responded.

The most.

As portrayed on the cover of Fr. Robert Barron’s DVD series and book on Catholicism, the door is open. (I write about that gamechanger, by the way, here.)

In some places, the Church door is even always physically open.

Before the next episode of Morning Joe, it is worth reading or rereading, Archbishop Fulton Sheen on daily holy hours.

How we vote, how we talk, how we click, how we act. Truly being with our Lord makes it all better.



  • Pete

    It is also no mere coincidence that Mika’s father had close ties to John Paul II. That’s always going to have a long term impact.

  • Wally Ballew

    Mika Brezezinski takes her daugter to a Roman Catholic church for 40 minutes because she “needed it.”
    Goldie Hawn says “powerful.” Is there anything out there to suggest that Mika, and/or her father Zbigniew Brezezinski, depart from the Democratic party line on the issue of abortion? And if so, what might Mika have to say to her daughter should the subject of abortion ever surface? Could be much more important than that 40 minutes spent without Mass in church.

    • Smiling Doc

      …Yes.. perhaps that 40 minutes in the church will lead to so important a conversation between Mika and her daughter. And perhaps prior to that, Mika will come to know and embrace the beauty and simplicity of the Catholic teaching about the gift of every conceived human life. Or maybe she already does. If so Mika, please speak up! Sparing babies from the pain of abortion also spares their mothers and grandmothers and fathers the pain and lifelong aftermath of abortion. Read testimonies at

    • Mike M

      I don’t think we can discount the importance of spending some time sitting in church with the Real Presence of Christ.

      I’m as anti-abortion as anyone else, and I hope that (assuming they do support abortion) the whole Brzezinski family comes around to see and support the truth about the issue… but let’s not forget that nothing, not even the most horrifying atrocities, overshadows the importance of Christ crucified, who is truly physically present in our tabernacles.

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    I like Father Barron I hope his DVD does well. However, I am a bit concerned and I don’t know how well this can be confirmed by others. But I have seen videos in which Father Barron seems to take a “heterodox” view of Genesis and specially of Adam in fact contradicting directly what Pius XII taught and said must be held by all Catholics regarding the first man.

    Please if anybody can enlighten me on this?

    • MikeM

      I don’t know specifically which video you’re talking about, so I can’t directly clarify. I’ve seen at least one video where he talked about evolution, though, and in it, he pretty clearly annunciated Pius XII’s teachings that all men are descended from common ancestors, an “Adam” and an “Eve,” and that there had to be a first man and woman.

      From what I saw, it sounded like Fr. Barron’s views were within the bounds of Church teaching.

      Is there a particular video that caused you concern?

  • Davide

    Great stuff. Our parish has perpetual adoration 7 am Fri till 7am Sat. We been doing this for years. Of course the exception is Good Friday. Anyways lovely experience.



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