In Michigan, a Eucharistic miracle?

Could be:

Whether there was a miracle or not at Jackson Catholic Middle School on Friday must be carefully examined by church leaders.

In what is called “Eucharist adoration,” a large wafer — unleavened bread — about 3 or 4 inches in diameter was blessed by a priest and set on a gold stand, called a luna, in the school chapel.

During the day, as adult volunteers sat near it, a student claimed to see the image of Jesus on the wafer. Dave Krajewski, a psychotherapist with Crossroads Psychotherapy in Jackson and a Catholic, said he got a call from a friend about 4 p.m. Friday. He went to JCMS, 915 Cooper St., and was among 10 or 20 people squeezed into the chapel to observe the wafer.

The outline of the male figure, Krajewski said, was a red or orange vibrant color. He had long brown hair and looked like he was wearing a robe. “I left the school not knowing if I had seen a miracle or not,” Krajewski said. “But I’m not ruling it out.”

The Rev. Cecilio Reyna of St. Mary Catholic Church, 120 E. Wesley St., wrote on his blog about being called and driving over to see the wafer. “I did see what appeared to be the outline of a man’s face with some bright spots toward the bottom of the luna. One of the spots where it was glowing,” he wrote. []

The school was right to ask Bishop Boyea to investigate:

They are now waiting for Bishop Earl Boyea of the Lansing Catholic Diocese, a 10-county region that includes Jackson, to visit. That is the beginning of a very long process to determine if this is actually declared a miracle by the Catholic church.

Forgive some of the uneducated terms used by the reporter, who – to his credit – admits to visiting to figure out the Catholic meaning of the word “miracle.”

Let us all join in praying for this process, and especially to pray that the faith of all those touched by this experience is enriched and blessed abundantly.



  • brassband

    The Eucharist itself is the miracle….no?

    • Fr. John-Raphael Hadnagy, O.F.M. Conv.


      Not that I, as a priest, don’t believe that “Eucharistic Miracles” can’t happen (I have seen the ones in Lanciano and Santarem) but I pray that more people would realize that we DO have the true miracle present on our altars in the Catholic Church EVERY day, the Lord Jesus himself in his Eucharistic form. Thank you for your good sense and devotion.

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  • reneeca

    Am I the only one who is noticing little signs from around the world? I don’t know if this is a miracle, but it certainly opens your eyes to something that is being manifested throughout the world as signs of God’s presense and one could say displeasure?

    • merry

      I clicked dislike by accident with regard to your comment. I couldn’t agree more with you. I, too, feel so very strongly that Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mother are appearing more frequently. I have been blessed to have a miraculous experience in my own neighborhood. Visit and click the video. I have been to this home and it is a miracle!!

  • Patty

    I noticed something very similar this past Monday at my weekly adoration at our local Catholic high school chapel. It was a bitter cold day with very bright sunshine. There is a skylight in the center of the chapel directly over the monstrance and that is what I attributed it to. It’s true that we need hope and miracles help us to remain hopeful. I’m just grateful we are in a Church which guards us, guides us and protects us from error. We are blessed. Thank you Jesus for our faithful shepherds.

    • merry

      This is a very balanced explanation and I couldn’t agree more with the fact that, while there are miracles every day around us, we must be guided to discern the truth.

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  • wanda hollier

    could use miracles in these united states, thank you jesus



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