In New Year, Pope makes call for young people to use social media fruitfully

As a young person who uses social communications, I’m inspired:

Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for January 2011 is: “That young people may learn to use modern means of social communication for their personal growth and to better prepare themselves to serve society”.

AmP’s Facebook and Twitter are two good places to start!

UPDATE: Apparently the Vatican Information Service incorrectly sent out 2010‘s January intentions instead of 2011 (how can you mess that up?). Here are the January 2011 intentions:

The Pope’s general intention is “that the riches of the created world may be preserved, valued, and made available as God’s precious gift to all.”

Ph/t: Joseph Amodeo



  • Victor

    I think blogs are a better way to communicate Jesus. Facebook is a waste of time, mostly used to gossip.

    • Janet Baker

      Victor, I respectfully disagree about Facebook being a waste of time. I have successfully used Facebook to notify others of important facts and events. I have also directed Facebook users to my blog and have learned of matters about which I subsequently blogged. I’m sure Tom Peters and others can attest to similar effects.
      Another who can attest to the usefulness of Facebook is Barack Obama. Social media such as Facebook helped him get elected. Again, with all due respect, the disdain of social media is simply foolish and myoptic.
      Facebook is a tool. It can be used well or abused; that is dependent on the user, not upon the inherent nature of the tool itself. We are called to utilize the tools and resources that God gives us. We can take lesson from the three servants with the talents; will we use the talents that God has given us, or squander them, as did that third servant?

  • Janet Baker

    I would change only one thing about the Holy Father’s remarks. The onus isn’t only on young people to learn and utilize new communications tools. It lies squarely on the shoulders of us all. We’ve got to jettison this unfortunate notion that social media is only within the realm of “young” people, as this only fosters unhealthy stereotypes. That means the older folks have absolutely no excuse. Learn it and use it.

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