... More


We're in overtime in Louisiana! Because no candidate received over 50% of the vote on November 4, the top candidates are facing off on December 6. The two candidates are Democrat Senator Mary L... More


We are honored to have The Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, as a guest columnist to the CatholicVote.org blog.   Bishop Conley’s words here ought to serve as a guiding... More

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‘Guys …’: The Bible Explained in One Post

Yes, of course, there's more to it than this, but this is not bad, not bad at all, and pretty darn funny. Some of the comments on tickld... More


On Immigration, the Ends Don’t Justify the Means

Last night, Pres. Obama announced that he would unilaterally take action to grant everything short of citizenship to 4-5 million undocumente... More

SG meets Malala

Two Faces of Feminism

Loath as I am to even discuss the Ukrainian group Femen, they are the cartoonish avatar of the worst parts of second wave feminism – the b... More


Obama: Constitution does not allow unilateral action [VIDEO]

"With respect to the notion that I can suspend deportations through executive order....That's just not the case. Because there are laws on t... More

Border Fence

The President’s Immigration Order

We will soon see what, exactly, the president's executive order on immigration looks like.  The various accounts of it that have been float... More

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