Why has one Irish priest’s soaring rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” during an April 5 wedding at Catholic church in County Meath spread like wildfire through Ireland and around t... More


Everyone seems to acknowledge the our immigration system is broken. No one but no one defends the status quo. Some act as if there is some overwhelmingly obvious solution to the problem -- as if "Immi... More


Spoiler alert:  This review discloses the most pivotal moments of the movie Noah.   Although I had not seen Noah and honestly had no desire to see it, I was fascinated by the polarity of t... More



10 Great Jokes told by Saint John XXIII

  If you're like me, your idea of the papacy for most of your life was synonymous with a certain Polish guy who went around the plan... More


John Paul II, Abortion, and Democracy

Pope John Paul II--who will be canonized this Sunday--is well known as a strong critic of abortion.  Less well known, although still wo... More

Easter Vigil

Visualizing the Paschal Triduum

Easter is here! Alleluia! As we contemplate this joyous season, here is a visual representation in word cloud form of the rites of the Pasch... More


34 Ways to Have an Epic Life: The Greatness of John Paul the Great

a 1.  Son of Emilia and Karol       2.  Son of the Church       3.  Son of... More


God Save the Rest (Including a lot of Oddballs): In Defense of Newman Centers

[caption id="attachment_59650" align="alignnone" width="639"] Students from Kansas University's Newman Center do a live version of the Stati... More

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