Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith-Healthcare Harm: The Real Costs

Infographic #1: Obamacare’s War on Faith: The Origins of Religious Freedom

Infographic #2: Obamacare’s War on Faith: How it Hurts the Underprivileged



  • abadilla

    Wow, now Rich is none other than Benedict XVI!

  • smack down


  • CJ in WA

    Wrong is wrong whether the entire world thinks it is right or not. The mandate is ridiculous and the Catholic organizations may well still provide the care to those in need but they may have to Catholic in order to get the care or the services. The employees may have to all be Catholic in order to work in these institutions so they can get the exception. Regardless of who suffers or what services or programs are affected, it is still WRONG, period. I don’t much care about the CV guys and their opinions as I have a my own mind and can reason out information myself. This time they are RIGHT. So look past your prejudice and see the truth – and we know what the truth will do for you! Blessings.

    • Dianne Martinez

      I hope you will vote for Romney now that you have seen the truth. The propaganda ministry of the media has filled the minds of Americans with deceptive lies. Our educational system has not taught us to discern. Sometimes it is near impossible to see the truth. I applaud you for seeing the truth in this issue. May you find the truth in the many other equally important issues facing our country. God bless you in your search.

  • NOM Updates HATE

    I see you are working to “fan the flames of hostility” again.

    • abadilla

      If this is true, why are you here?

  • Benedict XVI

    Continuingn to Broadcast Misinformation, CV demonstrates that it knows nothing about the mission of Catholicism.
    If the work is important, Catholic institutions and Catholic Hospitals and Charity organizations will continue to do it. How silly to think that electing Romney will be an answer. None of his policies fit into Catholic Social Teaching or Catholic Thought.
    Realizing that CV is run by a couple of young guys with more interest in making a political name for themself rather than promoting true Catholic Teaching, it is not surprising that they really beleive that people will be fooled by the graphics and confused by terminology. Yet, Catholics are not dumb people who will follow these dudes. They are so far to the right that even the NeoCons can’t see them.

    • IAmACatholic

      Benedict XVI,

      Romney is for religious freedom. I will vote for him.

      I hope you are not one of those being paid to go on Catholic/Christian blog sites to do what you are doing here.

      If you are a real Catholic, perhaps you would like to read this:

      • abadilla

        How can you doubt the “Catholicity” of the Pope? ROFL.

      • chris1616

        He’s being paid. He is Rich/Buford/Paul Davis. He has posted as all kinds of Saints, he has been all kinds of politicians (Condi Rice, Ann Romney,RoMoney, etc…) You can humor him- it is fun playing with the trolls. Let Soros waste his money on these trolls. Maybe it will keep Rich/Buford etc…off food stamps and welfare.

    • abadilla

      “Continuingn to Broadcast Misinformation.” A man “impersonating” the Pope himself talks about misinformation. Gee, this is too funny to be taken seriously!



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