Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith- How it hurts the Underprivileged

Here is Infographic #1: Obamacare’s War on Faith: The Origins of Religious Freedom



  • Granddaughter Moses

    I won’t be stupid enough to vote for Obama again!

  • Granpa Moses

    I would rather vote for a Mormon than vote for a Moron.

    • Magic underpants

      Magic underpants rule!

      • Magic underpants

        Better “Magic underpants” than a “Terrorist Turban”.

  • Granddaughter Moses

    Also, I don’t see how voting for a Mormon who was required by his church to witness and convert others is a good bet for “religious freedom” when the incumbent has made a point of keeping his religion out of his politics – as the Founding Fathers intended when they set up that whole “Separation of Church and State” thing. Just sayin’

    • Colleen Barry

      Mormon smormin…Romney has proven himself with real life experience in the real world (private sector) and as Governor, with gear success….that is a leader our country and economy need:)

      • I see reality

        He’s proven himself as Governor? Then why is OBAMA carrying the state where ROMNEY was governor? Also, Romney claims he helped lower taxes and unemployment numbers when governor, but EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION THAT WAS PASSED while he was governor, was vetoed by him and overridden by the legislature. The economy in MA improved IN SPITE of his decisions, not because of them.

        • Colleen Barry

          Disagree and Romney is doing pretty good right now. I live in NY (East Coast with MA) and all I can say is thank god for middle america. If we left it up to CA and NE our country would have self destructed a long time ago. Listen to the Mid West Voters. It’s because of them you have the freedoms you do so far. Cheers. Go Romney

  • truedom

    The Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus have given well over 15 MILLION dollars to efforts to take civil rights away from others over the last few years. Why didn’t they use this money to feed the poor or care for the learning impaired?

  • Mavis Hucker

    This really puts almost everything in perspective!!! Except how many employees would be lost because without money, you can’t run all these charities, and hospitals, and schools. Obama … the Destroyer!!!

    • Oh my. Truth.

      What about the BILLIONS of dollars that we currently spend EVERY MONTH paying for the emergency room visits of the uninsured? This bill ENDS THAT WASTEFUL spending.

      • Oh my. Truth.

        But I forgot that even under Obamacare, many millions would not be covered. I was also surprised to learn how many companies, businesses, etc… were EXEMPT from Obamacare! It does not appear that the AHCA was well thought out or well planned. Passing this law without bipartisan support in a last minute deal before the Christmas break did a disservice to the American public and we deserve better.

  • Granpa Moses

    MisinfoGraphs – Lies presented in pretty pictures by CV Starving artist.

    • Claire Adams

      Sir, bullying doesn’t make a convincing or intellectual point. There are other, more effective ways of conversation, but being rude, without any data to back it up is uncivil and has no place on a Catholic-geared website. You are obviously free to speak your mind, (unless it’s about Islam because “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”), but please remember you betray your lack of belief in Christian principles when you treat your brothers and sisters with such disdain, for no apparent reason but anger.

      • Truedom

        I think the points have been made over and over: 1. the “mandate” requires that the employer do absolutely nothing. 2. the “mandate” simply gives employees the right to decide what is covered under their insurance, which is paid for by their labor.

      • Granddaughter Moses

        How is pointing out the fact of a gross fallacy equate to “bullying”? Are you seriously going to suggest that G.M.’s statement is false when the graphic itself has no supporting evidence? And, yes, this may be a “Catholic-geared” website, but when nonsense like this image leaks out to the informed public, perhaps it’s our human duty to suggest that maybe you should take another look instead of buying into poorly researched CV.

        • Joe M

          Where is your supporting evidence?

          • abadilla

            None needs to be presented. All one has to do is to hide under an stupid name and then pontificate as if one knows what one is talking about.

    • Anne

      Please point out with proof the lies? I am sorry but I am not going to believe you just because you say so, you know like the current administration wants us to.

    • Colleen Barry

      If you want to see pretty pictures…look at any Planned Parenthood website. They show the best photos of the happiest young tween and teens in the world…teens can be part of this….PP preaches with the prettiest of photos and fun enticing trendy dialogue that your sexual life is your business (your parents shouldn’t know your sexual interest and you should experiment of course), have fun and sex -it’s your “Right”….and look if you want to be truly happy and smart like all of the young people in the pretty photos…enjoy experience sex, diff ways, methods, whatever you want,,,,take BC and if it doesn’t work we are right here to Abort your own flesh and blood… you can keep enjoying your sexuality and become successful…without children until much later, if at all. That is the info the tweens and teen’s are bombarded with, with the prettiest of photos.



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