Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith-The Origins of Religious Freedom



  • Gary Mills

    Yes, the Catholic Church is promoting this cause to “save” religious freedom which is ironic because this same church persecuted people for not being Catholic. Things that make you go hmmmmmm

  • Paul

    Do you monitor comments posted on here in any way, CatholicVote? I find it hard to accept that any of your supporters are actually Christian, especially when I see how they speak to one another and others on here.

    It’s no wonder many non-Catholics/non-Christians are turned off by the Church; we have to start setting a positive example and truly following the words of our leader, Jesus Christ, who said the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbor as ourself (Matthew 22: 34-40). Please reconsider the way we choose to speak on here, and the example you are setting when you post articles and links as well, CatholicVote. So far you have proven you are ConservativeVote, which is perfectly fine if that’s your choice — but do not claim the name Catholic and spread such hate around. It’s our role to bring the kingdom of Heaven to Earth and spread love rather than hatred. Thank you.

  • Randall

    If Satan wins this round, we will need a strong countermeasure. Santorum/Dolan 2016!



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