Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith-The Origins of Religious Freedom



41 thoughts on “Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith-The Origins of Religious Freedom

  1. Rich says:

    This Catholic is voting for Religious Freedom and is voting for Romney.

    1. Emma Phoreal says:

      VOTE for Freedom from Religious Tyrany. Vote no to Romney/Dolan.

      1. Emma Phoreal says:

        I can’t believe how stupid I am. I know Dolan is not running for office even though Jon Stewart told me he was. Vote for Religious Freedom- vote for Romney/RYAN!

  2. ROMNESIA says:

    Religious Freedom is at stake. Vote Romney.

    1. Romnesiac says:

      Free Steaks! Vote Dolan/Romney.

      1. Romnesiac says:

        Jon Stewart brings me the most informative election coverage. I have no need to look further than Comedy Central.

  3. MTD says:

    In 1607, English settlers came looking for gold. They largely supported the established church, i.e. the Church of England, and would not have been fans of Catholics or dissenting Protestants. Religious liberty in America came later, and from other sources. I appreciate the sentiment but we can’t take this too far.

    1. Lord Baltimore says:

      I was given land for the Catholics because we couldn’t stand the protestants, and they hated us.
      The freedom we enjoyed was not being lorded over by that Prots.
      Of course, we were a colony, and not a state of the United States. Things changed when we signed the constitution. We were all American.
      I understand that the Catholics are not being good Americans these days, and want to return to having the separate colony status.
      Trouble is, there are non-Catholics in Maryland, that probably will not self-deport.

  4. ragingcatholic says:

    The gay agenda is to drive Christian views out of politics.

    1. Gay Catholic says:

      The gay agenda is to drive a Prius out of town for the weekend.

      1. Gay Catholic says:

        The Prius will save us gas so that we can spend more money at our sex orgies.

    2. That’s the agenda of many….it gets in the way of a lot PP likes to promote and others like to promote. THIS ELECTION IS SO IMPORTANT. VOTE ROMNEY

  5. Russell Lewis says:

    Obama would rather support Planned Parenthood than anything the Catholic Church stands for.

    1. Cardinal Loss says:

      Because Planned Parenthood is addressing real needs in neighborhoods, while Catholic Charities is limited by Bishops with Mitred Egos.

      1. Cardinal Loss says:

        Girls need abortions because older men are impregnating them. It should not be against the law for older men to have sex with young girls. Planned Parenthood is needed to help the young girls knocked up by older men in minority neighborhoods.

        1. Hmm PP disagrees…older me bring girls to PP and PP doesn’t report it.

      2. Nicholas Silva says:

        Yes! What was I thinking? Because “real needs” aren’t food, water, shelter and clothing (which I’m sure these mitered madmen forbid)… oh, no! Real needs are birth control and abortion. Yes, a homeless woman needs food, sure let’s just give her some birth control so she doesn’t “breed” more poor people like her who need that “non-real” stuff (by the way that’s not my opinion that’s Margaret Sanger’s: The Eugenic Founder of Planned Parenthood….

  6. BufordJr. says:

    The truth is that Obama and his radical minions hate Christianity and in particular the Catholic Church.

    1. BufordJr says:

      Hi Randall.

    2. Barry O says:

      No they Hate the sin of the nominal Catholics, but still love you. : )

      1. Barry O says:

        I get so loopy when I run out of my free meds! Call me Barry. I wish I could be called by my middle name. Sigh.

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