Inspiration: Top Chef hangs up hat to try on Roman Collar

Some afternoon inspiration for good measure:

Kenneth Smith had been a fixture in the highly rated Upperline Restaurant of New Orleans, Louisiana, where for the past 11 years he served as the executive chef. But after about two decades working there, he has moved out of the kitchen and into New Orleans’ Notre Dame Seminary, on his way to becoming a priest. CNN sat down this summer with Smith, 50, before he took off his apron. Below, in his own words, he explains how serving up faith is a logical leap. [Continue reading at CNN]

Props to the interviewer for letting this man’s good heart shine through.

The entire piece is well worth the time to read!



One thought on “Inspiration: Top Chef hangs up hat to try on Roman Collar

  1. Teep says:

    agreed, Thomas! He’s already got a bit of ora et labora in him already, it seems. I love that the Bishop had the vocations director pounce on him in less than a day. :)

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