Irish teen at center of abortion-rights controversy chooses life!

I had seen headlines related to this story before, and now today the wonderful news that the Irish teen at the center of an abortion-rights victory … has decided to choose life instead.

LifeSiteNews reports:

DUBLIN, May 15, 2007 ( ? The teenaged mother of an anencephalic child, known in the press as ?Miss D,? has told the Irish Independent that she has changed her mind about aborting her baby. She said today, ?I feel this is just a normal human being, I want it to have its own (burial) plot.?

A week after winning a court decision allowing her to travel to Britain for an abortion, the pregnant mother has announced that she will give birth by medical inducement of labour and intends to bring the body of her child home for burial.

She explained. ?I’ll bury my child here. I have clothes bought for my baby. I’ll be pregnant next year?. In an interview, Miss D said she will always see the baby as her first child and has chosen the name of the baby. She said that she will buy doll?s clothes for the child?s burial.

The news media emphasized repeatedly that an anencephalic child can live only a short time outside the womb. Miss D has responded, ?I think most people think that I must be very silly and that this baby is not much. But this baby means the world to me.?

Miss D credits pro-life websites for her change of heart. ?There were pictures of babies who had been aborted,? she said. ?I didn?t want that, my baby deserved to live, it deserved more than that.?

[The rest of the story details a bit of the complex international legal battle that took place over her right (now discarded) to abort her infant.]



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