Is it the economy, stupid?

It may have won Bill Clinton an election over George H.W. Bush, but the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” couldn’t do the same for Romney.

If ever there was an election where that phrase could not have seemed more true, 2012 was it. With unemployment through the roof (above even what the Obama administration considered the “nightmare scenario” if his stimulus plan wasn’t passed, which it was), the national debt soaring to ridiculous heights, the Fed continuing its dangerous (and unsuccessful) campaign of quantitative easing (buying $85 billion per month of government securities), the economic picture was horrible for the incumbent and James Carville’s phrase seemed even more apt to be adopted by Romney/Ryan.

And yet, what were the stories of the 2012 campaign? Gay “marriage” victories, Obama wins in economically hard-hit states, essentially the triumph of social issues over economic issues. So what do Republican strategists suggest for the future? Conservatives need to cave on social issues. Is it not clear why conservatives are beginning to detest Republican strategists?

As much as you wouldn’t expect an economist to say this, I am more convinced than ever that it ain’t the economy. Sure, there is plenty of ground we can make up to get the U.S. back into a respectable position vis-a-vis economic freedom (from a 5th place international ranking in 2007 to 18th in 2010), and I guarantee that doing so would get us out of this recession faster than any stimulus plans or quantitative easings. But what do most Catholics (and I presume most readers of the CV blog) really want? High GDP growth?

No, we want our country and our constitution back. We want liberty protected within a culture committed to virtue. We want the infanticide and the eldericide(is there a better word for this?) stopped. We want a recovery from the illogical descent into moral relativism and subjectivism that threatens to implode society. We want people to understand what sex is, who it is for, and whom it will naturally produce. Despite decades of “sexual education,” we want people to actually be educated about sex instead of being fed lies that provide intellectual cover for indulging our lusts. We want freedom of religion, not just “freedom of worship.”

Because, at the end of the day, we don’t just want bigger bank accounts; we want to help as many people as we can to get to heaven. Having vincibly-ignorant ideas about God and the natural law doesn’t help anyone get there.

Not sure if these will catch on, but I think I’ll adopt this motto as the most effective way to achieve political victories:


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  • RylanG

    When you say most Catholics you must be referring to the minority Vatican following Roman Catholics because it sure is not the majority of self identified Catholics who want the things you describe. Of course, is it completely their own faults that they are more emotional than logical and so poorly attuned to the tenets of their faith? No; sadly it is partly the failure of the Church itself…or to clarify, of Church leaders.

    It was interesting to sit through a pre-election sermon by our Bishop outlining what issues are important and which direction that Catholics ‘must’ vote – and it really wasn’t much more than an outline. Too little too late your Excellency. The idea that any Catholic needed to be told the difference between even a less than stellar candidate and one who supports partial birth abortion, gay marriage and issued the HHS mandate speaks volumes. There should be no need of a discussion given the issues involved.

    Now that the Bishop’s powers are directly threatened by the State (via the HHS mandate and what will inevitably follow) they are suddenly concerned with the drift of the Catholic laity. After decades of not simply turning a deaf ear to those warning of the danger of bedding down with the government, but directly attacking them, the Bishops have come face to face with the results of their own inaction (at best). Where were they when the Catholic hospitals jumped on the Obamacare bandwagon? Why is it that my local ‘Catholic’ hospital has had leaflets sitting in doctor’s offices offering contraceptives and abortion services…and has OB/GYNs that openly counsel that you don’t ‘have’ to have another child? Catholic universities follow a similar storyline. I suppose that more forceful sermons on topics like abortion or more direct intervention in Catholic universities and health care might have made for some uncomfortable moments for the Bishops…odd how their discomfort at the possibility of losing power so quickly overrides the social discomfort of leading the Church and her faithful.

    Sadly, I don’t think that the majority of Catholics do share the ideals you outline because they have not been led toward those ideals for so long by those in positions of responsibility to lead. I understand that the Catholic Church is a large ship and that it will, in the end come aright and sail triumphantly to the end but I would not want to be among it’s Captains in this age when called before the Great Admiral and asked ‘where were you when the ship was drifting?’

  • Teep

    Gericide is good Salvatore. I was going to say grandparricide. As for “It’s the sanctity, stupid.” I couldn’t agree more. It comes back to ethics rooted in virtue, perfected by grace. When so many people don’t even aim at virtue, let alone accept that organized religion might have something to say about it as well as grace, the ship seems to get filled up pretty quickly with drunken sailors.
    I’m convinced that it’s not just education, though. It’s also a distinct lack of images of virtue in the public eye. There are few visible mass media personalities that Western culture seems to possess that embody virtue and the acceptance of grace. 50 years ago, even actors and actresses were more attuned to righteous habits than they are now. Politicians at least put on the veneer of magnanimity and honesty. I will say that Romney certainly exudes the covering of a virtuous person, and yet I believe many people were disinclined to trust him because he is so squeaky clean. Which is evidence that, on the whole, the general American sense of what constitutes moral strength is rather skewed by the absence of proper education and the proper role-modeling of virtue.
    I think the glaringly missing role models, though, are parents. Two of them, man and woman, taking marriage seriously and teaching children about compromise, justice, friendship, generosity, moderation and good judgment. No-fault divorce is killing our country.

  • abadilla

    It was precisely the social issues that I believe re-elected Obama. People really bought the lie we had declared “war on women.” People bought into the lie that we were about to shut every abortion clinic thoughout this nation, that we were going to get rid of Planned Parenthood, not just ask the public to support it with public money. People bought the lie there is no real federal war against the Catholic Church because “Catholics” like Miss. Fluke would have never voted for the Dems if that were true.
    I was convinced that most people across this country saw the disastrous economy and where it was heading with the Obama Administration and that alone was enough to defeat the man, but this time the “social” issues meant something. As far as I’m concerned the vast majority of the American electorate bought the Obama lie in 2008 because they didn’t know any better, and now they bought it again because they have been succesful in portraying Republicans as people who do not care for the poor and only for the 1% that supposedly pays nothing on income taxes, not the 49% they actually pay. Catholic threw Holy Mother Church under the bus, Black and Hispanics voted for the White House Santa Claus, and the media never examined the Obama Adminsitration’s lies to the entire country. NO one outside the Fox Channel and some INTERNET web sites ever questioned the class struggle invented by Obama and the pure over-sentimentalism that re-elected this President.

  • Salvatore Spatafore

    how about gericide?



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