Is Laura Bush a feminist?

Sewall-Belmont House is a museum dedicated to advancing women and every year they honor a woman for that purpose.  Past recipients include Katie Couric, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  This year, the board picked former First Lady, Laura Bush, but feminists across the country are hopping mad and twenty-one of them sent a letter of protest to the current board.  One of the many prominent feminist signatories, Sonia Pressman-Fuentes, a former board member of the museum and co-founder of NOW (the National Organization of Women), says, “It’s not partisan. I’m not complaining that she’s a Republican. I’m complaining that she’s never done anything for women to get this award.”

Apparently speaking out against the subjugation and abuse endured by Afghani girls and women means nothing if it doesn’t include a plan to bring free birth control to the victims.  And using her platform as a First Lady to bring global awareness to the plight of Muslim women during trips to the Middle East or as Mrs. Bush did in a touching op-ed for the Washington Post doesn’t count as “advancing women” for the abortion-obsessed feminist enforcers at NOW.

Sewall-Belmont House Museum took an important step toward expanding the definition of feminism.  But until the old guard in ivory towers and the board rooms of NOW catch up, young, successful women will continue to perceive the feminist movement as an irrelevant blast from the past.



  • Lawrence

    They oppose her choice of husband, that’s for sure – Bush Derangement Syndrome trumps even her Abortion stance!

  • Lawrence

    Seems to me they oppose her Choice for Husband more…Bush Derangement Syndrome trumps even Abortion stances!

  • vicki graziosi

    As a young woman growing up in the early seventies I thought I knew what being a woman was all about. I was informed by the culture and the culture was sick. I have come to see that being a woman is about being equal but different than men. Not to mention the fact that being a mother is the most difficult and most important job in the world. I don’t agree with Laura Bush’s pro-choice stance. What is the choice? The choice is to end a human life. However, she has brought attention to issues that affect women around the world. Closed minds cannot see that. They only see what they think is the pinnacle of women’s rights. Abortion. I pray that they will see the emotional, spiritual and physical harm it brings women and get on board supporting women who choose the only morally right thing LIFE….

    • What?

      If they see abortion rights as being the alpha and omega of feminism, they would have no problem with Ms. Bush who is pro-choice.

  • gaia davis

    I think it’s great that the wife of a Republican congressman is defending a pro-choice former first lady!

  • Pat Stoliker

    Thank you for some honest reporting.I’m so tired of these women who think they know what us REAL WOMAN, with real every day lives care about. it’s not funny. It certainly is not aborting our babies and we don’t want your free condoms. We’re happy raising our children and keeping them out of govt. schools so they can’t be brain washed. Thank you very much.

  • Braden

    As Laura Bush is pro-choice, I seriously doubt these organizations were complaining about her supposed anti-abortion stances.



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