Is Marco Rubio the Republican’s savior?

Senator Marco Rubio has the potential to do a lot of good for the Republican Party. He’s young, well spoken, can appeal to voting blocs the GOP desperately needs, and is widely-popular in his home state of Florida.

But, is he the savior of the Republican Party?

Time Magazine thinks so. Here’s the cover of their latest issue:

Rubio, however, is a Roman Catholic, and he doesn’t want to be anyone’s savior. In fact, he was so disgusted with Time’s cover that he tweeted the following:

To which Time said:

While it is refreshing to see a politician deny reports they are the second coming…

…I don’t think Rubio needed to be so defensive. Then again, the media doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to not deifying our political leaders, and Rubio may quite simply be uncomfortable with being portrayed in that way.

But, and I could be wrong, it’s also possible Rubio sent out that tweet because he knows it will help his image with social conservatives when he runs for president in 2016 – a decision that not only seems like a foregone conclusion, but one that should make American Catholics very excited.



  • esther

    Isnt Rubio the type of “Catholic” who attends a protestant megachurch? I find him talented, but if these protestant rumors turn out to be true this is the last thing that Catholic voters should want to deal with.

    • abadilla

      My understanding is that he is a Roman Catholic who attends Mass with his family. In any case, he is an improvement over Pelosi, Kennedy Jr., Barbara Boxer, Kerry, Biden and all the hypocrites who called themselves Catholic because the bishops won’t excommunicate them.

  • abadilla

    If Rubio is acknowledging by his comment that Christ is our only Savior, good for him. That is something I can respect.

  • Richard Contini Sr.

    Seems to me they have a Grammar problem at TIME>

  • tranxtian

    I don’t really see any evidence that Rubio was “disgusted” by the time cover. In fact, his tweet seems calm, rational and simple. “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”



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