Is RealCatholicTV a For-Profit Company?

I’m sure many of you have heard Catholic News Agency (CNA) is reporting that Michael Voris of has an employee writing icky things and that Mr. Voris has let the 501 c 3 status of Saint Michael’s Media lapse.

As far as the employee allegedly writing weird and creepy stuff – hey, things happen and hopefully that will get handled appropriately.  As far as the lapse of the non-profit status, well that would seem to be important if operated as a non-profit.

However, they don’t appear to operate that way at all.

Their website does not claim to be a non-profit, but does contain a section titled “DONATE”.  On the donation page in small print it also says, “ is not a non-profit organization”.  Under the main DONATE button you are informed that if you would like to make a “tax deductible donation” you can do so through Saint Michael’s Media.  Regular donations administered through PayPal (and presumably subscriptions) go to “”.

But RealCatholicTV is not an assumed name for Saint Michael’s Media.  It is an assumed name for Concept Communication LLC (source: Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) which is a for-profit Michigan based limited liability company owned by…you guessed it…Michael Voris.

Now, where have I heard about an evangelist running all his sales through a for-profit private company?  Hmmm.

In order to salvage his reputation, it might be a good idea for Mr. Voris to revive the non-profit Saint Michael’s Media, run RealCatholicTV through it, and take advantage of the transparency of a non-profit company.



  • Arthur C

    Personally, it’s best if he’s a for profit company. He gets to make a living doing what he loves to do and serves to expose corruption in the Church. If he was a non profit, then he’d be constantly trying to defend his status with the IRS or state or anyone else who wants him silenced. He’s a layman and has every right to make a living and keep his independence. St Paul supported himself as a tent maker if I’m not mistaken so nothing wrong with making a living. Besides, he must have really high expenses running his apostlate/ministry, particularly with the website and bandwidth his videos consume. Last time I checked, Catholics are still cheap with donations (unlike our separated brethren) who tithe and give generously to their pastors and churches.
    The story is much ado about nothing, although I’d like Catholic Vote to spend equal time finding out who at CNA is behind the hatchet job…pretty fishy that his enemies strike when he’s at WYD in Spain trying to be a fisher of “young” men & women.

  • elleblue

    You are NOT in a position to be suggesting anything to Michael Voris because you and well as the rest of us do not have his take on any of this, whatever this is?

    I find it highly suspicious that this ‘story’ broke just as he is away in Spain covering a most momentous occasion for the whole Church and the world.

  • David Wendell

    I get emails almost every day from RealCatholicTV and the emails have links to short videos of Mr. Voris. I have never had to pay a dime for his insightful presentations. Thank God for Michael Voris’s courage. This recent controversy is much to do about (almost)nothing. His coworker should repent, their paperwork should be put in order and that’s it. God bless Voris !! Makes me wonder about “Catholicvote” though.

  • mortimerzilch

    Of course, all this happens while Voris is out of the country at the Youth Day in Spain, which makes it more difficult to effectively respond.

  • Steven

    It is not the sin that matters, it is what you do about it. If Rafe screwed up, does he not deserve forgiveness if he expresses regret, seeks forgiveness (from God, not bloggers in their mothers basement, and penance? And allowing St. Mikes Media’s non-for-profit status expire is not sinful, but an over site; so thanks to whoever dug that up. I bet they will be in good standing soon or change their website. If anyone is insinuating for profit is somehow bad or illegitimate, that is …well socialist. God Bless Mike, I hope he makes millions doing something that is great for this world, the Church, and the salvation of souls. For those that don’t know the story of, Mike owes some investors 10’s of thousands of dollars before he gets rich.

  • truefix

    In the last year Mr. Voris has been attacked by different publications and bloggers who identify themselves with some sort of Catholic identity. Since these attacks by said ??Catholics?? I have wondered what their own personal motivations are in not only tarnshing Mr Voris reputation and credibility, but his St Micheals Media staff members as well. I personally have met Mr. Voris on many occasions and have participated as an audiance member on their “One True Faith” show. I have always appreciated Mr Voris up front honesty and couragous vigilance on protecting institution implemented by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Some people have a problem with the way Mr Voris delivers God’s message, but that where old addage “The Truth Hurts” comes into play. Mr Voris invested not only his life savings into his apostolate, but years of blood sweat and tears. That goes for his staff as well. It cost a lot of money to produce the fantastic line of Catholic media material that Mr. Voris and staff produce. I’m sure there is an easy explantion for the complaints of this article because Mr Voris is a truly honorable person.



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