Is RealCatholicTV a For-Profit Company?

I’m sure many of you have heard Catholic News Agency (CNA) is reporting that Michael Voris of has an employee writing icky things and that Mr. Voris has let the 501 c 3 status of Saint Michael’s Media lapse.

As far as the employee allegedly writing weird and creepy stuff – hey, things happen and hopefully that will get handled appropriately.  As far as the lapse of the non-profit status, well that would seem to be important if operated as a non-profit.

However, they don’t appear to operate that way at all.

Their website does not claim to be a non-profit, but does contain a section titled “DONATE”.  On the donation page in small print it also says, “ is not a non-profit organization”.  Under the main DONATE button you are informed that if you would like to make a “tax deductible donation” you can do so through Saint Michael’s Media.  Regular donations administered through PayPal (and presumably subscriptions) go to “”.

But RealCatholicTV is not an assumed name for Saint Michael’s Media.  It is an assumed name for Concept Communication LLC (source: Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) which is a for-profit Michigan based limited liability company owned by…you guessed it…Michael Voris.

Now, where have I heard about an evangelist running all his sales through a for-profit private company?  Hmmm.

In order to salvage his reputation, it might be a good idea for Mr. Voris to revive the non-profit Saint Michael’s Media, run RealCatholicTV through it, and take advantage of the transparency of a non-profit company.



  • Carol


    It appears you need to correct your story. The 501(c)3 status was never revoked.

    Also, do you know if Jorge Luna and the Association for Catholic Info are the owners of the Catholic News Agency?

    If so, the Catholic News Agency is delinquent on its own annual filings:

    A man by the name of Jorge Luna incorporated AfCI and his name appears on several AfCI documents. His name also appears several times on the Catholic News Agency website, so they appear to be connected.

    And what do you know!!! Lo and behold…

    AfCI failed FOUR YEARS IN A ROW to file its annual report with the state of Colorado. It’s all right there on the State of Colorado’s website:

    [Thanks, but you should probably re-read what I wrote. I don’t particularly care that they were or were not late on a filing. These things happen. What I do care about is that RealCatholicTV is allowing people to persist in the perception (aided by Mr. Voris’ recent video response) that they are a non-profit organization, when in fact, they are not. So thanks for the comment, but no revision needed here! –Patrick Thornton]

    • A Catholic

      RCTV was filed as a “for-PROFIT” organization. You are correct Patrick!

  • Christi

    A short lapse in state paperwork is a non-issue. Don’t we all have some souls to save?


  • truefix

    Patrick Thorton……….Your description for what one of his employee’s wrote (Icky,Weird and creepy stuff) is irresponisble and deliberate. At least thats what I got out of it. You left it up to ones imagination on what the employee wrote. People could assume anything they want, and you know as well as I…people can let their imaginations roll. Why don’t you post what this employee wrote, so we can see for ourselves how creepy it is. You make this employee sound like a pervert. Be responsible when blogging and supply us readers with enough information, so we can decide for ourselves. Unless that’s not your goal. God Bless.

  • Kristen

    Does everyone who works for CatholicVote volunteer? I am sure that CatholicVote has some employees who make a living working “for the faith.” I am sure that your salaries are not enormous. Neither is Michael Voris’ at RealCatholicTV.
    We live in an age of “gotcha journalism.” I am so sad that the Catholic press is taking part in this. We are called to reflect the truth and virtue in our actions. What happened to fraternal correction? What happened to thorough research? WHy are commenters checking Guiding Star and not the Catholic press? Why when reporting this story has the Catholic press and bloggers not included teaching about scandal, forgiveness through confession and detraction?
    The press and blogging is an intrument to evangelize not destroy.

  • George Kadlec

    Has anybody challenged his orthodoxy? No, he is orthodox. I believe this is simply a ploy to attempt to discredit him through the back door. As long as he is orthodox, he is fine with me. So what if he makes a living at it. He does have to eat, doesn’t he. If you don’t want to buy the product, don’t pay.



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