It’s like a secular Ash Wednesday… And an abortion analogy.

Talk about two different types of thoughts packed into one post. The first is entirely silly and the second ought not be controversial (but, sadly, it is).

I voted sticker

Secular "ashes"

The First: With everyone who did the responsible thing on this civic “holy” day sporting their “I voted” sticker, I can’t help but think of how all Catholics look after dutifully assisting at Mass on Ash Wednesday. Smudges on the forehead mark off one, little red-white-and-blue stickers mark off the other. Just a silly thought.

The Second: Been thinking about the notion that some (like Father Charles Curran) cling to in rationalizing their support for abortion “rights,” viz, “There is no consensus as to when life begins, so you can’t restrict a woman’s rights just because you ‘think’ it’s a human with a right to life.” An analogy came to mind.

Imagine you were going to buy a diamond necklace. You had every intention of buying the nicest, most expensive diamond necklace. You had saved up a looooong time to buy the largest rock available, with the most exquisite setting, and the finest craftsmanship. You’re going to spend a fortune.

You’d want to be absolutely certain that what you drop the money on is diamond, and not cubic zirconia, right? You’d want to be really sure, wouldn’t you? You’d do all due diligence to make sure the store didn’t sneak one by you and sell you something that isn’t diamond, right? I thought so.

If it matters that much to make sure it’s really a diamond before spending a boatload of money, why doesn’t it militate against allowing abortion that we’re not sure if the separate, alive, different zygote is truly an ensouled human, and thus in possession of an intrinsic right to life?

Our justice system is “innocent until proven guilty,” not “inhuman and therefore expendable until proven human.” We institutionally err on the side of caution in all things except the life of the unborn. Is life worth less than a diamond necklace?



  • jen

    hi :) :) abortion is sick

  • qtbug

    I never thought it this way, it’s intresting, but right in the way that we hold such value in “OBJECTS” ESPECIALLY ONES THAT CAN BE ATTACHED TO “STATUS, FAME, FORTUNE” We’ve become a shallow society, one who’s decided to go to sleep very slowly. But I do believe most of us aren’t against things like prayer in school,in “GOD WE TRUST” ect. We’ve all become so busy trying to raise our families, get to work, pay our bills, have a job tomorrow which occupies our daily lives & energy..while others, a small minority got away with making huge changes that have effected ALL of us,taking an individuals rights.The way we’re forced to educate our children & life-styles are taught even if objected to. Most of it done under the cloak of “freedom and rights” but they took freedom away and contaminated the US Constitution. Instead of doing what is just and good for all,they selected to use power with money and have put this country at risk from destruction from within. We just let them, like lambs to slaughter we followed.

    • Leigh

      Of what small minority are you speaking?
      What huge changes were made?
      What individual rights were taken?
      What lifestyles are your children forced to learn about? What freedoms were taken?
      My child’s (public) school has 2mins of silence right after the Pledge of Allegience which is when she prays her individual silent prayer. Does yours not do the same? I was under the impression that this was the norm. I will have to check on that this week.
      Please let me know the answers to the above questions from your blog….I may be missing something. Thanks.

      • Pam T

        No Leigh, not all schools still say the Pledge of Allegience nor do they offer ANY time of silent prayer. There is a trend of “forgiving” certain faiths their religious practices (ie Muslims being given more breaks to participate in their ritural prayers) and others are not allowed to put up a cross or a picture of Jesus on their desk. So, where is the respect for individual rights? It is slowly being taken away.

  • Jason Phillips

    Good article. Why so many trolls?

    • KCHawk

      They smell defeat in the air and it is causing irrational behavior.


  • JohnE

    Fr. Curran: “There is no consensus as to when life begins, so you can’t restrict a woman’s rights just because you ‘think’ it’s a human with a right to life.”

    Well, by the same logic…
    You can restrict a woman’s rights just because you don’t ‘think’ she’s a human with a right to life.

    • Tom Crowe

      No one is questioning the woman’s right to life because there is no question that she is human. And alive. People do rationalize abortion by calling into question the humanness of the baby in the womb.

  • Melissa I

    Ahh the internet. Despite their incoherence and unintended humor, this really is the last refuge of all the self-described worthy voices.

    • Tom Crowe

      Clearly a worthy comment.



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